Jake Roberts At It Again

God damnit, Jake ‘The Snake” Roberts has fallen off the wagon again it appears. After a stint in a WWE provided rehab program Jake appeared at some indie show in Ohio and completely fell apart.

The video is shot with a cell phone so of course the quality sucks but you can get the point. He is nearly impossible to understand. He then no sells and gets pinned because not only is he fat and old, he is drunk or stoned. After the match he then gets verbally attacked by his opponent and then physically attacked by Jack Hanna in the ring.
The outside confrontation is noteworthy for the fact that the bunch of animals in the crowd can’t get enough of seeing Jake get berated by Jack Hannah and the wrestler he lost to outside the venue as well.  It really is sad that Jake has slipped once again it appears but at the same time who didn’t see this coming. -Jeremy

2 Responses to “Jake Roberts At It Again”

  1. Angel 2009-02-17 at 6:04 pm #

    This doesn’t shock me. I personally knew Jake before rehab.. I seen him after rehab.. I knew he was trying to act sober and straight at shows, but he didnt even fool me. Sad really sad. Fact is, he is an old washed up hasbeen that I had sign alot of memorabilia, which I am giving to his family to hold for his kids. Just because it is worthless after the legacy he left the ring with. I used to pay to see him, now people would have to pay me to waste my time. I love the page and your comments. Glad to see others see it the way I do.

  2. DarthGrenadier 2009-02-17 at 6:09 pm #

    No surprise to anyone. He can’t function as a normal human. I’ve traveled with the idiot and seen him smoke enough rock to pave a state highway. He’s old, used up, and frankly needs to slither back to the pit of sewage he was derived from.

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