Low-Ki Signs With WWE. Kicks Makeup Lady In Chest.



According to ProWrestling.net, Low-Ki has signed with WWE. This comes right before all of the current layoffs. It is a good hire for the company if they were pushing 6-foot guys with bad attitudes and a tendency to hurt their opponent in the ring. Sorry, got off on the wrong foot there.

Low-Ki has all the tools to become something special. He has a unique look, he talks like a ridiculously over the top Mortal Kombat character and he looks like a legit badass. Unfortunately for him, no one is going to tolerate his work style. He will instantly become part of the WWE machine that poops out clay forms molded in to 3 part matches with no drama and little crowd support. So, good luck Low-Ki. We here at Stunt Granny are pulling for you but don’t have a lot of hope we’ll see you on anything but four squash matches on Smackdown. When we actually watch Smackdown. -Jeremy

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