No More Weather Jokes

I wanted to interview about your new on camera role with the company.

I wanted to interview about your new on camera role with the company.

If you thought we’d pass up the opportunity to post pictures of a gorgeous woman that we have absolutely no chance at, you don’t know us too well.  Thanks to guidance from the ever present, we found out that Trish Stratus is rocked out a one night gig as a weather woman in Canada.

The most notable change in her appearance was Trish deciding to go brunette thanks to her stylist but the best part of this entree are the Librarian Hott glasses that Trish has on.  A pair of those on So Cal Val might even distract me long enough to think she isn’t grazing on the frozen tundra with Canadian moose.

Like any good news woman, Trish promptly falls on her face while trying to make a number of weather related jokes.  She recovers nicely to finish out the forecast but gets called over to the big boys and girls table with the anchors.  Things are bound to go downhill because they don’t ask any important questions like “Did you really get that breast reduction?” or “How come you didn’t turn around during the forecast so we could check out that fine ass?”.  Instead, we’re stuck with the inane drivelings of two star struck anchors and Trish making the same jokes about them three times.  Thanks for making this appearance end on a down note, much like my dick after looking at other pictures of Trish. – Kevin

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