PWO – Season 2 – Episode 13

Announcer swaps and plenty of promos.

Announcer swaps and plenty of promos.

The Clash, Brian Bender & Earnie Ballz, took on Bobby Beverly & Hobo Joe, who was wearing a better outfit after winning $25,000 with the lottery ticket that Aaron Maguire left behind. Michael Cash filled in for a “suspended”  Jamie Scott with Joe Dombrowski on play by play as usual. Beverly beat up Earnie Ballz and then took it to Bender. Hobo Joe tagged himself in and the Clash took over because Joe had been losing focus all match. Dombrowski & Cash mentioned that “The Rock Show” hosted by The Clash will be back next week. The Clash tagged in and out keeping Joe away from his corner. Hobo Joe ducked a corner splash and made the hot tag to Bobby Beverly. Beverly low bridged Earnie Ballz. Joe & Beverly appeared to be going for a double urinogi when Aaron Maguire talked Joe out of the ring. The Clash hit a double team move, best described as a power urinogi, for the win.

Analysis: The announcers did a good job of talking up Beverly’s frustration because of Boone turning on him and Hobo Joe being both distracted and leaving the match early. Solid match with Beverly looking better than I remember. He reminds me of AJ Styles, especially size wise, so if he can keep improving he could move up the depth chart in the PWO.

PWO Recap of the three way match between Jason Bane, Mike Tolar and Johnny Gargano. Analysis: They used 10 minutes of their air time for the recap. They don’t have enough time to waste it with that lengthy of a recap. An explaniation of why Joe got pulled away from the match would have been a better use of time.

Seamus Finnegan, wearing a red plaid kilt, took on B.J. Dynamite. Finnegan was on the attack early using his size to his advantage. Dynamite turned things around and kept the pressure on with basic offense. Dynamite took the boots to Finnegan while he was slumped in a corner. Dynamite tried to Irish Whip Finnegan to the other corner but got turned around and splashed. Both stayed down after a Russian Leg Sweep by Dynamite. Finnegan looked like he was ready for a win when Dynamite hit him with Wrestling All Star’s Cruiserweight Belt.

Analysis: Good match that just needed to be smoother to take it to the next level.

Josh Prohibition, with Johnny Gargano, talked about how much he hates Matt Cross. Gargano yapped about his bad back and said the greatest comeback story is coming true when he is crowned PWO Champion next week.

Analysis: Both of them were short and to the point. It is a little weird that Prohibition said that “One of them” would win the belt since it’s a one on one match.

“The Megastar” Marion Fontaine talked about his search for misfits of society. He has a new recruit who is a talker, sexy and a philosopher. Fontaine then introduced Kid Cupid who was a big, fat bearded man. Fontaine said he’d be both a manager and wretler.

Analysis: Ugh. I hope he is just a replacement for Noj. They don’t need two fat guys in one faction. His mic skills weren’t good so part of Fontaine’s sales pitch fell flat right away. Kid Cupid wasn’t given much to say but that should have been arranged because of the introduction.

The main event was Jimmy DeMarco against Marion Fontaine, who was by himself killing off another portion of Kid Cupid’s description. The announcers talked about the history between the competitors. The match started slowly. Fontaine went for a backslide when DeMarco gave him the trick knee while the referee’s view was blocked. DeMarco rammed his left shoulder into the ring post after Fontaine moved. Fontaine took DeMarco around the ring ramming his head into all four turnbuckles. Fontaine got a near fall after a cross body. DeMarco connected witha  knee to the stomach then a C4 (or RKO for the rest of the world). DeMarco got distracted by Zach Iron, Gregory’s brother, who was at ring side. Fontaine victory rolled DeMarco for the win.

Analysis: Solid match but I always have a hard time taking Fontaine seriously because of how skinny he is. They are both developing as wrestlers but need to pander to the crowd less because it seemed like it was happening after every move.  It takes away from the seriousness of the match to me.

Final Analysis: A solid show that wasn’t spectacular or terrible in any facet except for the extra lenghty recap. With the number of extra wrestlers on the roster now, they could have put in an extra match or the promo I already suggested.

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