Stunt Granny Audio #46

Bring Da Noise!

Bring Da Noise!

Well, we are back again and bringing more noise in Stunt Granny Audio #46. This time around the boys, Kevin and Jeremy, discuss all manner of WWE related business. They concentrate on the differences between Smackdown and Raw mainly and how one show can be far superior to the other. They delve a tad in to the Trump mess and how none of it made a lick of sense and not just to them. They also talk about the hierarchy of both shows and how one clearly has the business in mind instead of personal gains. There is also a discussion of just why Triple H got so close to Randy Orton at the end of Raw and how this could happen on a PG television show. There is more but like we say; you gotta listen to hear it all.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #46

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