The Marine 2 has a trailer.

So here it is everyone. It”s the movie no one asked for but WWE needed a tax write-off so they had to do something. This time around it stars Ted Dibiase. This trailer pretty much disguises everything about the movie; unless you feel that an explosion, gunshot, explosion, gunshot, explosion, explosion and graphic ending explains a movie. I’ll give the studio credit though, they haven’t given a dam thing away about the plot of this sure fire fiasco.  Most previews give the entire movie now leaving next to nothing to the imagination. It’s embarrassing really but WWE films gets it. Oh, and no, it has nothing to do with hiding the fact this movie is going to be a giant chunk of shit. In fact, it’ll probably be a bigger pile of steaming shit then the first one. So, I guess The Marine has a keg up on it’s sequel. One thing that The Marine 2 could do to helps it’s case is including another out of the blue camp counselor sex story involving underage children. I loved that part of The Marine. In case you are wondering, there really is something like that in The Marine but I don’ t have the gumption to get  my facts straight. So look it up your self if you dare. -Jeremy

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