PWO – Season 2 – Episode 17

Did Josh Prohibition fail in his PWO Heavyweight Title defense?

Did Josh Prohibition fail in his PWO Heavyweight Title defense?

Jimmy DeMarco took on “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross. Cross came out firing topped by a suicide dive. DeMarco took his time getting back into the ring. DeMarco applied a camel clutch. Cross executed a fire man’s carry neck breaker. Gregory Iron walked towars ringside but was restrained. It distracted DeMarco who got hit from behind by Cross. “M-Dogg 20” then hit the shooting star press for the win.

Analysis: The match played out as expected with Iron wanting to get some revenge for DeMarco stalking him and his brother. Cross could have won without the distraction though. Cross does a nice shooting star press but no one compares to Evan Bourne.

Aaron Maguire, in a new expensive suit, was met by Hobo Joe. Maguire said he invested the money and bought Joe fifty new suits. Maguire said that after the match between Joe and Bobby Beverly, everything will be A OK and laughed manically.

Analysis: Solid promo with Joe still playing the dope. The story could take a couple of directions but I think it’s fairly obvious what will happen. Maguire is much better at being a rich agent than a bum, which makes me appreciate Joe a little more since he made a great bum.

Benjamin Boone talked about the new TV Title and said he’s going to take the title over some of the young, hungry competition in the PWO. Analysis: They could have introduced the TV Title better which made me think that the PWO has no on air GM, commissioner or owner. I prefer limiting their role unlike TNA or the WWE but the PWO could use one now. They need the title because of the influx of talent. A mid card can easily be built. The promo itself was OK but I think it’s weak to have references to “The Big Blue” as in Michigan since they are mainly catering to Ohio State fans. You’re on satellite as well as in Ohio, the rest of the country doesn’t care and neither do I since I’m from Pennsylvania.

Mike Tolar complained about his introduction and handed Pedro DeLucca, the ring announcer, another list of ridiculous compliments. “Omega” Aaron Draven was his opponent, who is a high flyer like Matt Cross. Draven out wrestled Tolar in the early going. Draven hit a huracanrana. Tolar drop kicked Draven.  Tolar applied a bear hug then a reverse chin lock to ground Draven. Draven hit a 619 and then a stomp from the top rope but only got a two count. Draven went for another huracanrana but Tolar turned it into a power bomb into the guard rail. Tolar rolled him back into the ring, gave him the Angle Slam and got the victory.

Analysis: Good win for Tolar over a quality opponent who needs to be on TV more. It helps to further Tolar’s argument that mat wrestling is better than high flying too.

Bobby Shields talked about Sex Appeal’s mission to rid the PWO of ugly, out of shape people. Dawn Decadence said that the hotter, sleeker and sexier Bobby Beverly who will re-debut next week. Beverly said that he cared about the friends and family too much. He said he’d make a statement next week by beating Hobo Joe.

Analysis: Solid promo that had all three members of Sex Appeal get some talking in. Shields needs to throw around some heavier weights to help out his posing. He’s not in bad shape though. Last and this week, they noted Beverly’s pink bandana which does nothing for me and doesn’t make him seem any more fancy.

Josh Prohibition talked about what a great champion he is and how epic his match was with “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross. Prohibition talked down to Gargano and said he needs to follow him better. Prohibition left. Gargano looked exasperated. Matt Cross came in and told Gargano that Prohibition needs him, not the other way around.

Analysis: Prohibition continued his great mic work from what he did in the booth last week. Cross had his best promo I’ve seen him do on PWO. Gargano’s facial expressions were good because he looked incredulous when Prohibition talked about his “epic” match with Cross.

Michael Cash talked to the Clash, Brian Bender & Earnie Ballz, about their upcoming match for the Tag Team Titles against Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Bender said it’s a huge opportunity. Ballz intentionally screwed up their sames and said they’ll be the Tag Team Champions after next week.

Analysis: If you take away the mixing up of the names which was stupid, it was a good short promo. Considering the levity of the match, I would have though they could get more time.

Jason Bane took on Josh Prohibition for the PWO Heavyweight Title in the main event. Prohibition acted cocky while avoiding Bane. Bane used his power to hit some chops, forearms and a guerilla slam. Bane splashed Prohibition in the corner but missed a second charge and hit the ring post with his left shoulder. Prohibition took advantage with kicks and an arm bar take down. Prohibition tossed Bane outside. Bane tried to run Prohibition into the post but again hit his left shoulder. Prohibition only got a two count from a tornado DDT.  Gargano refused to help Prohibition attack Bane. After they argued, Bane hit an F5 on Prohibition. The Gambinos pulled the referee out of the ring and attacked Jason Bane. Aaron Maguire came out and showed off the money he got from Hobo Joe. Prohibition got a second referee to come out and make the three count for the win and to retain the PWO Heavyweight Title. Maguire grabbed a mic and said his debt has been paid in full. He ran down Hobo Joe and blamed Bane for all of his misfortunes. Maguire said he has also paid the Gambinos enough so that he is their agent.

Analysis: $25,000 doesn’t seem like enough money to pay off the debts and become aligned with the Mafia. They either needed to say Maguire invested the money and got a great return (good luck in this economy), made more money gambling (possible) or have had the winning lottery ticket be worth more money (easy). On the upside, Aaron Maguire clearly has a bone to pick with Jason Bane who beat his client, Cronus, last year at Wrestlelution which cost him the money and made him live as a bum during the harsh Cleveland winter. It keeps Jason Bane away from the PWO Heavyweight Title which is necessary because of his size differential with the majority of the roster (280 lbs vs. mainly 200 lbs). The Gambinos are closer to his size and I’ve made no secret that I think they just need more work in the ring to look better. Prohibition can claim he beat Bane now too which will give him a fluky win and defense for the Title.  Three of four good aspects isn’t a good batting average.

Final Analysis: I’m going to try to wrap this up a little different since I’ve been putting more effort into the analysis after each segment.  Cross vs. DeMarco +1, Maguire & Hobo Joe promo +1, Boone & the TV Title announcement -1, Tolar vs. Draven +1, Sex Appeal promo +1, Gargano & Prohibition promo +1, The Clash promo -1, Bane vs. Prohibition +1, Maguire & The Gambinos +2. Add all that up and we’ve got 8/10 segments in the positive. I’ll shell out extra points for random segments during the upcoming weeks and since the end of the Hobo Joe, Aaron Magure, Gambinos and Jason Bane story lines was the biggest one of the week, it got the extra.

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