PWO – Season 2 – Episode 19

No, it wasn't quite time for Ohio State football.

No, it wasn't quite time for Ohio State football.

Bobby Beverly, with Sex Appeal, took on “Omega” Aaron Draven, who had his ribs taped up from the beating he took from Mike Tolar a couple of weeks ago. Joe Dombrowski and Michael Cash noted that the match was to qualify for the Four Way TV Title Match at Wrestlelution 2. Draven took over Beverly several head lock take overs. Draven sentoned Beverly & Shields through the second and top rope. Beverly had Draven belly down on his own shoulders and dropped to his knees for a gut buster. Beverly continued to work on Draven’s ribs with kicks, splashes and shoulder blocks. Draven hit a reverse huracanrana. Beverly hit an overhead release throw that landed Draven on his ribs. Draven hit the Spnish Fly (Flux Capacitor) for the win.

Analysis: They PWO showed a replay while both men were down during the match which needed to be noted since they timed them poorly before then. Shields did a piss poor job of interfering in the match. The match was good with Beverly focusing on ribs but the babyface overcoming the odds for the win and the shot at the PWO TV Title.

Dombrowski had a sit down interview with Josh Prohibition who was asked to recount the beginnings of his relationship with Johnny Gargano. Prohibition talked about how he realized he wanted to give back to wrestling after many years working and start teaching a very young Gargano the basics. He continued by saying they were never a team and that Gargano was always his puppet. Prohibition said he’s the best wrestler in Pro Wrestling Ohio and will take out Gargano if he pleases.

Analysis: Prohibition repeated himself a couple of times but he brought the intensity and added a log to the fire by calling Gargano a puppet the whole time. Good cockiness level for a heel.

Hailey Hatred said she’d take out Corey Winters & Eric Ryan herself. They walked into the shot and said they made some calls. Winters & Ryan hired Portia Perez, who they said was stronger and faster and will take her out at Wrestlelution.

Analysis: Still seems like an out of the blue feud. All three were passable but no more.

The Clash, Brian Bender & Earnie Ballz, took on EJ Georgio & Ben Fruth. The Clash attacked them as they came to the ring. Dombrowski said the Clash will get a rematch against Greg “The Hammer” Valentine & Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart at Wrestlelution 2. Bender dominated against Georgio. Fruth tagged in. Ballz putting a beating on Fruth. The Clash double teamed Fruth for the win.

Analysis: Even though it was against Georgio & Fruth, the PWO established the Clash as being extremely upset about their loss and that they’ve turned up their intensity.

“Bloody” Morty Rackem was standing there when Matthew Justice bitched about him hanging him out to dry with the Gambinos. Rackem told him that they have a shot at Valentine & Neidhart next week. Rackem continued by saying that sometimes you need to take the low road and that if the opportunity presents itself Justice needs to take it because it’s his last chance.

Analysis: Everyone can see what is coming. Rackem was good on the mic but Justice needs to be given more mic time even if he sinks instead of swims because he’s good in the ring.

“The Obsession” Caleb Connelly said he has a track record all over the United States. He was brought in by Dawn Decadence to take out the “Retards, blubbering idiots”. Connelly finished by saying he came for three reason, the money, the TV time and because he has Sex Appeal.

Analysis: He stumbled a couple of times but brought good intensity. His tights looked like Calvin Klein underwear which adds to the silliness of his moniker but it still a sexier look that adding three pink bandanas. I may be spelling his name wrong too but the PWO’s website reviews are behind me and they don’t have him listed on the roster.

Mike Tolar, with Ben Fruth and EJ Georgio, said he will dominate Matt Cross like he did against his clone (Aaron Draven). Tolar said he was built for professional wrestling and that his cronies will witness Cross’ biggest loss of his career.

Analysis: Same basic material, delivered well and with a swagger.

Benjamin Boone came to the ring with a microphone in hand. He talked up the returning N8 Mattson from the  “Great state of Michigan”. Mattson said he broke his ankle in two places in front of “you people”. Mattson continued to run down Ohio. He stated that his goal was to win the PWO Heavyweight Title and take it back to Michigan. Joe Dombrowski went to the ring and said that bashing Ohio is a problem because he’s on Pro Wrestling Ohio on Sports Time Ohio. Dombrowski said he offended a lot of wrestlers from Ohio and that during his time on the injured list, his open contract to face any wrestler from Ohio was still on the table. The contract was signed during that time and Mattson will be facing Al Snow at Wrestlelution 2.

Analysis: I’ve made it obvious that I’m no fan of the Ohio vs. Michigan storyline but if you’re going to do it, they did it right. Al Snow should look better than Valentine and Neidhart. It helps that N8 Mattson is a better wrestler than either of the guys from the Clash too.

Joe Dombrowski had a sit down interview with Johnny Gargano and asked him about the origins of his relationship with Josh Prohibition. Gargano looked up to Prohibition and said he was like a big brother to him. Gargano said he wasn’t sure what happened to their relationship. He noted that they beat the Motor City Machine Guns in their first match as a team. Gargano rattled off who they had taken out in PWO and said now he’s not sure why they did it now. He trusted Prohibition and thought it was right at the time. Gargano said the actions never benefitted him.

Analysis: Good promo but he could have upped the intensity some because he made the turn so he shouldn’t have too many conflicted feelings about fighting his mentor. I think it’d help to change his look a little too.  I’d say a shave would do the trick.

Mickey Gambino, with brother Marshall and agent Aaron Maguire, came to the ring for a match against Hobo Joe. Maguire recounted his problems with Jason Bane and bad times with Hobo Joe. Maguire said his hitlist starts tonight against Hobo Joe. He went on to say that the Gambinos are going to toss them in the dumpster and that they won’t stop until the job is done. Joe’s music hit and he rushed into the ring. Mickey attacked him right away. Joe turned it around quickly with a bulldog and a rolling senton. Mickey slipped out of the ring. Maguire distracted Joe so Mickey got hit him from behind. Marshall kept getting in cheap shots when Mickey distracted the referee. Mickey hit a nice spine buster. Mickey fisherman suplexed Joe for a two count. Jason Bane chased Marshall and Maguire away from ringside. It distracted Mickey who got rolled up by Joe for the win. Bane grabbed the microphone and said that Maguire cost him the PWO Heavyweigth Title. Bane requested a No Disqualification Dumpster match at Wrestlelution 2.

Analysis: Joe is a solid wrestler but it pretty small. He got a win the way he should have against a much larger opponent. Mickey got in more of the offense which was appropriate. The Dumpster Match will help Joe hide his size since he’ll be able to use weapons.

Final Analysis: Beverly vs. Draven +1, Prohibition promo +1, Hatred/Winters/Ryan promo 0, The Clash vs. Georgio & Fruth +1, Rackem & Justice promo 0, Caleb Connelly promo 0, Tolar promo +1, Mattson promo +1, Gargano promo +1, Mickey G. vs. Hobo Joe +1. Total 7/10. Nothing got to the great level so I’m not hitting anyone with bonus points but overall it was a better show than the last two.

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