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End of Summer bash mother truckers.

End of Summer bash mother truckers.

Check it out people, it’s the Stunt Granny Summerslam Preview hosted by Kevin and Jeremy. The guys cover the WWE’s third biggest show of the year in the same fashion you have come to expect. They gush about the prospects and actual intrigue of the CM Punk/ Jeff hardy TLC match. They throw out different scenarios for a match that seems to have in inevitable outcome and how it will shape Smackdown for the foreseeable future. They discuss how the Legacy/DX match can be a positive if executed correctly. They somehow during the show they break down in to a discussion of Mike Knox and Finlay. Not only that, Kevin channels 1999 and goes man crush on K-Qwick.  So if that doesn’t get you to listen, other than so much more, well, I give up.
So listen.

Summerslam 2009 preview

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