Shape Up Or Ship Out

Yes please.

Yes please.

In something that has been floating around various message boards and was credited to pwinsider, Mickie James has been told “to shape up both figuratively and literally”.

Now, let me try to organize my thoughts here. First of all, Mickie is an absolute goddess who I could crawl across a desert of broken glass to earn the right to lick her boots. If anything, she could stand stand to gain a few pounds. She certainly doesn’t need to lose any weight. God forbid a woman doesn’t keep her weight in the sub-75 pound zone.

Second of all, being sent to Smackdown is hardly a demotion or punishment in any way whatsoever. This just shows how out of touch WWE upper management is with its own product. Being sent to Smackdown is probably going to be a godsend for Mickie, as she will be allowed to breathe again. Smackdown is the only WWE show, and perhaps the only wrestling show period right now, worth watching. She just moved to the A-show, folks.

How much do you want to bet that Mickie will move on to a feud with the black hole of charisma, the Brian Lee of women’s wrestling, the ugliest “hot” chick in the history of the world Michelle McCool, while Melina will be wrestling Hornswoggle for 15 consecutive weeks? I hate wrestling so much right now. – Dusty

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