Stunt Granny Audio #65


The weather out there today is hot and shitty with continued hot and shitty in the afternoon. Tomorrow a chance of continued crappy with a pissy weather front coming down from the north. Basically, it's hotter than a snake's ass in a wagon rut.

Dusty and Kevin are back with us this week for a jaw dropping, rim rocking, death defying audio update. Is there big news to talk about? You better believe there is! Are there things to be grumpy about? You better believe they’re grumpy! Our two heroes talk about the big news of Hulk Hogan signing with TNA. They also talk about how Triple H and Sheamus are now BFFs 4 Life. They talk about Kofi Kingston, they talk about how most things in today’s wrestling landscape make no sense whatsoever, and they talk about a whole bunch of other stuff, too, so you need to listen to this audio or they’re going to reap your soul.

Stunt Granny Audio #65

2 Responses to “Stunt Granny Audio #65”

  1. Fanatic 2009-10-29 at 7:30 pm #

    Powell says that Sheamus and HHH hang and bang in the gym together, explains a lot. Apparently HHH hasn’t shared the secret of the orange rub on tanner.

    And the guy Jericho put over clean that you couldn’t remember: Christian, on ECW last week.

    • stuntgranny 2009-10-30 at 1:22 pm #

      Thank you my good sir. Although putting over Christian isn’t that much of a stretch for Jericho since he’s more established. Does help the ECW Belt go back to being the #3 belt though. -K

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