The Art of Wrestling – T-Shirt Night Delight

Just to compare billboards that are put up on buildings.

Just to compare billboards that are put up on buildings. has been reformatted, so my linkage to pictures will be a bit hampered. The site itself is better to both navigate and see merchandise so give it a whirl.

John Morrison’s new shirt got some air time last night on ECW so I figured I’d take a look at it. You have to go to the link to get an enlarged picture of it. The background is a decaying stucco building that has different layers. The most confusing layer is the black sleeve which draws attention away from the obvious focal point, the Morrison poster. The people eracting the poster could easily show up on other shirts in a similar vein like spray painting the Morrison symbol. It looks a little crowded with three of them but think that the scaffolding and ladders are an interesting and believable touch. Before getting to the poster itself, the “This Is Not a T-Shirt” tag is kind of funny (and hopefully referencing “This Is Not a Test“) but with the three people only helps to crowd the bottom of of the shirt.

The main poster is a good cartoonized version of Morrision stripping away is his face and highlighting is trade mark hair and sun glasses. I have no idea why they chose yellow as the color as the back drop since Morrison rarely wears yellow in either his tights or his ring jacket. Even if they kept the yellow color, I think it’d kick the shirt up a notch if that was velour like his tights.

The WWE decided to show very little of the back of the shirt but it does show the slogan on the back, “This Revolution Will Be Televised” which is in reference to the song “The Revolution Will Not  Be Televised” by Gil Scott-Heron. Morrison’s evolution has certainly been televised but I’m not sure he’ll be involved in any revolutions. I suppose you could count his recolutions doing “Starship Pain”. It’s a little confusing why the black didn’t form a square around all of the letters instead of being strips. It’d match the front of the shirt.

For all of the improvements that the WWE could have made, I think the shirt is still a delight. – Kevin

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