Lacey Von Erich has no clue about anything, really

Nice to look at, approximately jack zero going on upstairs.

Nice to look at, approximately jack zero going on upstairs.

So TNA’s newest super duper star, Lacey Von Erich, did an interview with the Miami Herald recently, which you can read in full here if you are so inclined: Here is an excerpt from that story:

“I feel like it was made for me, and she [Angelina] wasn’t a good fit for it in my opinion,” Adkisson said. “. . . I thought that everybody was going to be, `Oh no. Angelina is gone,’ but not one person said that. Nobody really missed her that much. I feel like I can fill the shoes that I’m supposed to.

“TNA told me this role was made for me, and I feel the same way. So when I met the other members, Velvet and Madison, they are awesome. . . When I got there, we all just felt like we were one group, and the band was completed. . .

“I’ve never met Angelina before in my life. After what some people have said, I don’t know if I want to. I just feel like we can all be a group together and shine together, so I’m excited about that.”

TNA was none to happy about her comments, and was ordered by top TNA officials to apologize to Love (credit, because Jason Powell is the man).

Now, there is some speculation on the net that this is all a work and will lead to a feud between Von Erich and Love when Love returns to TNA. Here is my official stance on this: I look at this in much the same way I will forever view any piece of news involving Matt Hardy. I don’t care if it’s a work or a shoot. I just know that Lacey is an imbecile who is not fit to be in the wrestling ring, and Love is a great performer who WWE needs to sign like right now. I don’t care if I’m being worked or not, I just want this girl to go far far away. – Dusty

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  1. Awesome Dude 2009-10-03 at 1:24 pm #

    What a stupid broad. Lacey seriously thinks that she is a better fit with the Beautiful People than Angelina? She sucked so bad at wrestling that WWE released her from her developmental contract even though she was a hot blonde and a third generation Von Erich. She makes Velvet Sky seems like Chris Jericho if you compare to mic skills, charisma, and wrestling skills.

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