Jeff Hardy indicted on drug possession charges. Duh.

Jeff Hardy is in no way on drugs


According to by way of (I right-clicked Powell’s link to copy PWI’s shortcut and almost opened it in a new tab; my computer almost went bye-bye… not that Dot Net hasn’t been gacking up my shit lately, too), Jeff Hardy was formally indicted on drug possession charges, which if you remember all started back in September, just after Hardy left WWE. Good timing, WWE. No need to have that stuff happen on your watch… when it can happen on TNA’s!! I agree with something Dusty said in his almost-real-time blog: There’s still money in Punk vs. Hardy. In fact, there’s still a lot of money in Hardy vs. most people in WWE. There is literally no money to be made wrestling anyone in TNA. But at the same time, he loves drugs and WWE doesn’t, so what’s an addict to do? -Eric

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