WWE Raw and TNA Impact post solid ratings Monday… I’ll be darned


OK, it wasn't that bad.

According to Prowrestling.net, both WWE Monday Night Raw and TNA iMPACT! put up good ratings for the head-to-head showdown Monday night. Raw pulled in a 3.6, which is about a five-month high, and Impact did a 1.5 for the whole three-hour show, with a 1.33 average for the two head-to-head hours. (For what it’s worth, TNA’s ratings went down from its Hour 2 to its Hour 3, while Raw’s went up during that same time frame.)

Well I’ll be a monkey’s bare-as…

(That’s where my Firefox crashed because I left Dot Net open too long.)

Well I’ll be a monkey’s bare-assed uncle. This can be explained one of two ways: Either a large chunk of the audience was able to switch back and forth often enough to confuse Nielsen into reporting a combined 5.0 rating, or there really is a 5.0-rating worth of an audience out there that wants to watch wrestling. And if Ring of Honor/HDNet reports its ratings, there might be even more people hiding under rocks out there. No matter the answer, good for wrestling! I’m telling you now, things are on the upswing. -Eric

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