Mickie James is Injured- Sad Face

Not sure how the hell this got by us, well, other than our rampant alcohol consumption and Eric’s fornication issues but Mickie James underwent surgery last week. So this explains her quick title loss to Michelle McCool on Smackdown at least. This info comes straight off of her very own twitter account. You too can follow her at mickiejamesdiva.
I tried finding the actual twat/tweet/twit and cant; do it but trust me it’s there somewhere. Only issue I have with this is the fact she got bent out of shape that “dirtsheets” took her tweet and reported it as their own.

“I love how dirt sheets post wrestlers tweets, like it’s their own steller reporting! Lame! Report that 1!”

Not sure what got her all bent out of shape. She tweeted it and if the person follows her they report on it. The news wasn’t; anywhere else that I saw so what the fuck is she talking about. Please, please my dear Mickie, we love you at Stunt Granny. Don’t turn in to a rancid whiner like so many other wrestlers.  If you post it and they use it for the crux of a story it isn’t stellar reporting but it is reporting. Sigh -Jeremy

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  1. derekstellar 2010-03-11 at 11:59 am #

    She misspelled “Stellar”! Argh!!

    Actually, it was a retweet from Chavo Guerrero’s account. FYI.

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