PWO – Season 3 – Episode 9

"The Megastar" is in the main event. Check out what happened after the jump.

Benjamin Boone was accompanied to ring side by N8 Mattson.Boone was ready to take on Jason Bane to collect Aaron Maguire’s $10,000 bounty. Joe Dombrowski & Maguire noted that Boone pushed Bane to the limit the last time they wrestled before interference. They also said that both wrestlers are in the best shape of their lives. Bane came at Boone early with some basic power wrestling.  Bane hit a spine buster but before he could capitalize, Mattson grabbed his leg. Boone then took over and focused on Bane’s left leg.  Bane blocked a suplex and hit one of his own. hey battled outside the ring. Bane charged at Boone but missed when Mattson pushed Boone out of the way. Mattson tried to hit Bane with a chair but Bane stopped him. Bane then chased him to the backstage area. Bane was counted outfor Boone to get the win.

Analysis: Good match that didn’t give away a clean finish between the battle of the big men. It was their second go around though so they can’t stretch this feud out much longer unless tag team matches involve them. Maguire can continue to hold the bounty for Bane too since Boone didn’t get him out of PWO.

Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe were backstage. Iron said he wasn’t surprised by the bullying of Sex appeal. He said that they may be the champions right now, but they can be the cream of the crop. Iron said that he has faith in Joe. Joe said that it was nice for the vote of confidence but he’s not sure who is going to turn on him since all of his friends have turned on him. Iron said that he was there for the long haul. They then shook hands and Iron said they were coming for the belts.

Analysis: The message was fine and Joe’s apprehension is more than understandable. Iron could have used more passion in his voice since Sex Appeal has targeted him for parts of last season and this year. Iron also looked down too much instead of into the camera.

Krimson said that he was one week away from unleashing his madness. He said the normalcy ends and the madness begins.

Analysis: Another solid promo that was shorter than the others. Per my request, he finally has a debut set.

Joe Dombrowski was announcing with Bryce Webster for another Championship Wrestling Experience bout. The match was labeled as Bromance versus Aeroform. They didn’t mention who was in the ring. Nicky Valentino was part of one of the teams but I had no idea which one. Valentino’s partner was going to get a trial membership for Sex Appeal. Cliff Kendrick was tagged in for Aeroform. Kendrick used his speed to fight off his larger opponent. Aeroform are brothers so they have a special bond. Louis Linden was beaten while Bromance took turns assaulting him. Linden finally got the hot tag Kendrick hit a cradle type back suplex that looked awesome. Valentino hit a nice looking throw of his own. Bromance went for a double team but Valentino super kicked his partner. Kendrick rolled up Valentino for the win.

Analysis: The action was fine but Louis Linden didn’t take enough of a beating to make a true hot tag. The announcers were barely done talking about everyone’s history by the time the match was finished. They needed to concentrate on telling the viewers who each wrestler was (The graphics department could have helped too rather than just noting the team names)and what action was going on in the ring.

Bobby Beverly was holding one of the PWO Tag Team titles and said he was going to be in the biggest match of his career next week. Beverly said that Gargano was scared of him because he’s the up and coming star. Beverly said they had similar careers but he’s younger and hungrier. Beverly said he’s going to be the first double title holder in PWO history after next week.

Analysis: Great promo which was backed by good points and a nice comparison of their careers since they both feuded with Gregory Iron.

Joe Dombrowski was on the phone with Mike Tolar and said he wasn’t coming back until he was named the uncrowned champion of PWO. Dombrowski called in Ben Fruth and told him that he wasn’t going to be there because Fruth cost him Tolar’s second title match against Johnny Gargano. Dombrowski said that Fruth has a match against Krimson next week which was scheduled by Tolar.

Analysis: That was brutal. Fruth was never more than a quarter turned towards the camera, his reaction to taking on Krimson was bad and the fact that Dombrowski had to fake a phone call was just down right stupid.

“The Megastar” Marion Fontaine came to the ring unscheduled. He said that he sent the Freaks back to their homes. Fontaine said that Matt Cross’ opponent for the number one contender’s match has not shown up and that he has inserted himself into the match.

Analysis: They continually note the PWO board so there is no reason Fontaine should be able to insert himself into the match. The delivery was solid.

Matt Cross came to the ring after a commercial break. Dombrowski wondered what happened to Jimmy DeMarco since he was supposed to be in this match.  They exchanged a couple of different types of headlocks.  Cross took over with a pair of arm drags and head scissors take over. Cross chased Fontaine outside the ring where Fontaine got in some offense but Cross got the upper hand last and tossed Fontaine back into the ring. Fontaine hit a Cutter but only got a two count. Fontaine put a knee in Cross’ back and pulled back his arms.  Fontaine rammed Cross into three turn buckles but got blocked at the fourth.  Fontaine got another two count after a suplex.   Cross turned things around with an enziguiri and jaw breaker.  Cross got in a neck breaker from a fire man’s carry position. Fontaine got another three count after an Angle Slam. Cross hit a standing moonsault for a two count.  Fontaine put his legs on the ropes during a backslide and got the three count.

Analysis: The best match I’ve seen in a while on PWO TV. Fontaine got in a bulk of the offense which will help people take him more seriously but because he cheated to win that will help the crowd hate him. Cross hyping up his chance at the title before he even won this match has a number of ways of shaking out now that he lost.

Final Analysis: Boone vs. Bane +1, Iron & Joe promo 0, Krimson promo +1, Bromance vs. Aeroform 0, Beverly promo +1,  Dombrowski/Fruth interview -1, Fontaine promo 0, Fontaine vs. Cross +2. Total: 4/8. Ending the show on a strong point helped make the episode feel better than it was. The Championship Wrestling Experience matches throw a monkey wrench into the flow of the show but I think they do it for financial reasons so I’ll let it slide.

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