Monday Night TNA Impact Fails

This has nothing to do with wrestling but everything to do with awesome.

Well that was a painful way to start the Monday Night Wars part 2. TNA scored a .98 rating Monday in comparison to Monday Night Raw’s 3.4. Some sites are rounding up TNA’s rating for some inexplicable reason and showing it as a 1.0 but that is incorrect. They scored under a 1.0 rating and it should be eye opening to everyone in TNA as well as Spike TV.

TNA had weeks of promotion behind Impact moving to Monday nights and their fan base tuned out. They cannot use the excuse of their audience not knowing the show was moving after being beaten over the head with the information. Their announcers constantly plugged the move and they sacrificed all of their PPV hype for the move in advertising and signage. Spike TV didn’t help them as well as their in house promotions rarely promoted the move.

All excuses aside, TNA needs to be concerned. They should have pulled in at least a 1.1 rating Monday night. They were successful in their terms the last time they went live in Mondays.  As far as the future goes, TNA really needs to show that they can get an audience to turn over a 1.1 quickly. After giving away so much Monday anything but a 1.3 or at best a legit 1.0 should be expected. If not they have blown their wad and have nothing more to entice audiences to tune back in every Monday; especially in the face of WWE’s strongest push of the year heading in to WrestleMania. -Jeremy

2 Responses to “Monday Night TNA Impact Fails”

  1. Fanatic 2010-03-10 at 9:59 pm #

    When the fat masked men drop off Samoa Joe at the Impact zone, and Orlando Jordan starts making out with random dudes in the fornt row, they’ll be up to 1.1 in no time!

  2. Awesome Dude 2010-03-10 at 10:18 pm #

    I love how most of the wrestling sites are spinning the ratings so it like TNA achieved some form of victory. TNA blow it. It’s just that simple. Only way they will ever be a threat to WWE is when Vinnie Mac announces he bought the company. Please people, quit making excuses for TNA. They finally got all the things they said was necessary to compete with WWE and yet they still bombed.

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