Stunt Granny Audio #86

The two wily veterans from Stunt Granny, Jeremy and Dusty, are reunited and it feels so good! And even though it’s been about nine and a half months (and not nine and a half weeks, which makes us better than Mickey Rourke) since these two jokers have teamed together, it feels like old times in the studio. Listen to them carry on like two married people about Monday Night Raw, Batista and John Cena, Doink the Clown and a veritable plethora of other topics that you are guaranteed to find enjoyable because Dusty has a voodoo doll with each and every one of your lousy names on it if you don’t!

Stunt Granny Audio #86

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  1. Fanatic 2010-03-08 at 10:35 am #

    I never had GI JOe’s as a kid (or wrestling figures), but I used to pretend my Ninja Turtles were wrestlers. Ace Duck was Ricky Steamboat, cause he could fly and do the cross body block. I don’t remember who everyone else was, but I specifically remember cutting up pieces of paper with everyone’s name on it to re-enact Battle Bowl and just for random tournament matchups that I would have.

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