TNA Releases Traci Brooks

So the Playboy curse has struck again kids. Over at they are reporting, via PWInsider, that Traci Brooks has been released by TNA. Upon reading that my nether region ached a tad but then I took solace in the fact I can click on Google and go see her delicious chest naked for all eternity. Yes I may have discussed on an audio being dissapointed by her Playboy pictorial but the fact is this; she has huge boobs and that makes me happy.

Traci had been with TNA for as long as can be remembered but this isn’t a crushing move by the company. TNA hasn;t used her in months and as I relayed the info to Kevin he replied with “She was still on the roster?”

I never understood why she wasn’t in the ring more since she clearly has wrestling talent. Pick up a Chickfight DVD and you’ll see what I am taking about. She was a hit with the fans due to her her chest and the fact you could get some butt cleavage flaring when she did wrestle. Couple this with the fact she would dress in a Catholic school gril outfit complete with pigtails and it was on!

I’ll definitely miss her as I enjoyed ogling the screen whenever she was on hoping for a nip slip as well as her wrestling ability. Damn am I that much of a pervert now that this is all I can come up with? -Jeremy

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  1. Moses Malone 2013-11-29 at 1:04 am #

    Traci is comely and her bosom is large and has deep cleavage which is nice. Calling compliments socalled “sexual” “pestering” thats the opinion of devils and Lucifer, not Gods.

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