Stunt Granny Audio #85


Danger: Cliche Ahead!

Eric and Kevin return with their look at WWE the day after Monday Night Raw. The Road to WrestleMania continues to offer twists and turns (ugh, that was bad), and the guys wax poetic about the big feuds leading to WrestleMania 26. How awesome was Batista’s promo, and did John Cena go too far by almost bawling on live TV? Is the Bret Hart-Vince McMahon angle all it’s cracked up to be? Was the Triple H-Shawn Michaels promo as good as Moose Britchell claims? And why the hell is Sheamus wrestling such a high-profile opponent? All this and Zack Ryder in the next 55 minutes! (55 minutes)

Stunt Granny Audio #85

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