Bischoff’s Micro Championship Wrestling to tape a… short time from now :-D

midget wrestlers

"We've come a long way, baby!"

According to, Eric Bischoff, in his infinite wisdom and neuron-firing, has created a midget wrestling company of his own — not affiliated with the midget wrestling company Spike TV has in the works — that will start taping for TV on Thursday. BHE Entertainment (where the “H” is for “Hervey” and the “E” is for “Eeeeyikes, this is gonna suck”) plans to tape the new Micro Championship Wrestling at Universal Studios in TNA’s “iMPACT! Zone” but has stated fans should not wear TNA clothing, as this show must have a completely different look and feel. Let’s see, midgets wrestling in a sparsely-attended craphole… if the fans wear Green Lantern shirts, we can confuse it for Ring of Honor! -Eric

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