PWO – Season 3 – Episode 8

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Corey Winters & Eric Ryan came to the ring for a match against Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron. As Iron was making his way to the ring, Bobby Beverly attacked him from behind. When Joe tried to make make the save, Winters & Ryan attacked him. They rolled Joe back into the ring and the referee finaly rang the bell to start the match. Dombrowki noted that Iron was finally up on the ring apron to take a tag. Ryan & Winters took turns assaulting Joe. Ryan kicked Iron off the apron when he tagged in Winters. Ryan stomped a mud hole in Joe in the corner then hit a running low kick to the face. Joe caught Ryan charging into a corner with a boot to the face. Joe then hit a second rope elbow. Iron got the hot tag but he whinced in pain every time he used the left arm which Beverly wrapped around the ring post several times. Joe tagged back in, double teamed Ryan and then got the win after the Pit Stop, which is a corner clothesline then he puts his arm pit in the guy’s face.

Analysis: Good match with a courageous finish for the faces.It helped to continue Beverly’s obsession with Gregory Iron I’m not a big fan of Winters & Ryan losing but they can recover. I like both of their looks and they both wrestle well.

Matt Cross congratulated Johnny Gargano on his soon to be victory over Bobby Beverly. Cross said that after he wins his number one contender’s match,  they’ll wrestle again. Gargano thanked Cross and said the shot is his as long as he wins his match.

Analysis: A weird congratulatory promo before either has wrestled their matches. Cross seemed like he wanted to come across as more of a heel but he didn’t commit to it so it was awkward.

Joe Dombrowski announced that Pro Wrestling Ohio is combining with the Cleveland Autorama to bring you three days of wrestling at the I-X Center. He talked about the matches including a hardcore match that won’t air on PWO TV. Dombrowski also said that there will be fan interaction including a possibility that you can be interviewed by one of their announcers and be on PWO TV.

Analysis: Smart to hype an event in late March (19th-21st) starting in early February (this show taped on February 7th).

Ryan Mitchell took on Lince Dorado which was from the Championship Wresling Experience. Dombrowski was announcing with Bryce Webster. The announcers established the fact that Mitchell would use his size advantage while Dorado was the faster wrestler.  Mitcell got in the offense first but employeed lazy pins.  Mitchell connected on a top rope elbow drop but didn’t get the three count.  Dorado came back with a cross body.  Dorado hit a hand spring back elbow.  Dorado hit a nice looking shooting star press but Crystal Cross, Mitchell’s valet, distracted Dorado. Mitchell then hooked on an impaler DDT for the win.

Analysis: Solid match that probably could have gone longer. The announcers didn’t mention the valet until late in the match up so her distraction came as a surprise. If Webster was the same announcer from last week, he improved his game.

Brian Bender said that it’s the beginning of a new journey for Team Clash. He said the end of 2009 was bad because the Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew jumped his partner and broke his ankle. Bender said that there are no excuses. He said he’s going to show the world that he was the muscle behind the mouth and that he’ll do it by collecting a nice pay day.

Analysis: I had always wondered how Bender was on the mic since Earnie Ballz got the majority of time. I thought he did a great job and solid his sincerity.

Krimson was looking into a mirror while the camera shoot him from behind. He was wondering which wrestler would be his first victim. He broke the mirror and said that another 7 years of bad luck isn’t a big deal after 10 years of bad luck. He said his name will haunt them the rest of their lives after he’s done with them.

Analysis: Another creative promo but he said it best, he needs a victim which means he needs to get into the ring. These introductory promos can only last so long before they get redundent.

Vic Travagliante interviewed Johnny Gargano and asked him how it was to be PWO Heavyweight Champion. Gargano said he’s a fighting champion and that he’s proud of what he has done. Vic asked when Gargano thought that the Cross vs. Gargano match up would happen. Johnny said he wants to fight him but there are so many opponents are coming at him. Vic asked if he was overwhelmed by the number of challengers. Gargano said he won’t crack and that he’ll take on any and all challengers. He said in two weeks, he’ll take on Beverly and he knows how he’s thinking right now. Gargano said he has no idea what he’s getting himself into.

Analysis: I’m not a big fan of of having someone on the show twice for promos because of their limited television time. Gargano cut a good promo though and Vic asked solid, logical questions about the number of challengers. Gargano’s serious tone at the end when he talked about his next oppont in Beverly was the best part.

They showed a replay of N8 Mattson beating Marion Fontaine back in November.  Analysis: They only showed the finish of the match which is a plus.

N8 Mattson came to the ring with Benjamin Boone to challenge for the PWO TV Title. They cut off the announcers setting up the match to go to commercials.  “Omega” Aaron Draven came to the ring. Dombrowski asked if Maguire thought Draven had been acting weird. Maguire said that he always thought he was strange because he randomly defended the belt and pretended to have injuries. The match started off slowly with some headlocks until Draven hit a pair of dropkicks to send Mattson to the outside. Draven hit a suicide dive onto Boone & Mattson.  Maguire noted that Mattson was on Man Vs. Food. (I suppose I might have to figure out which episode) The announcers talked about Boone taking up Maguire’s bounty on Jason Bane. Boone held onto Drave’s leg which gave Mattson time to catch Draven coming off the ropes with an STO.  Matttson distracted the referee while Boone strangled Draven with the second rope.  Mattson kept the pressure on with a couple of restholds.  Mattson tossed Draven outside the ring after he charged at him. Boone “helped” Draven back in the ring roughly. Draven executed a nice tornado DDT. Draven got in an enziguri then a 619. Mattson hit a “Big Blue Buster” aka Code Breaker, for Mattson to win the TV Title. Boone and Mattson celebrated in the ring.

Analysis: I find it more than amusing that Mattson’s tights are black with silver on the hips and a red stripe running through them. They look like Ohio State trunks. Make your wardrobe match your gimmick. Draven needs to work on his 619, it’s just not smooth. Mattson gettong the belt will be good because he’s been around for a while and is really good in the ring. I can only hope that he appears more often than he has in the past though because that will kill the TV Title if Mattson is MIA more often than not. Good match.

Final Analysis: Winters & Ryan vs. Hobo Joe & Iron +1, Cross & Gargano promo 0, Mitchell vs. Dorado +1, Bender promo +1, Krimson promo +1, Gargano interview +1, Mattson vs. Draven +1. Total: 6/7. The episode was solid from top to bottom with the Gargano/Cross promo being more than a bit awkward. The CWE match both in the ring and on the mic booth were better than last week. The announcers did a great job of hyping next week’s events while not ignoring the in ring work.

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