Mickie James released by WWE

Mickie James released something in my pants.

Straight from the “I can’t believe they released her” and “They don’t know what they are doing!” file; WWE released internet darling and over all fine looking woman Mickie James. This should shock absolutely no one with half a stump on their shoulders. Look at how Mickie has been used for the past few months. They had Maryse berate her and call her at just like Rachel Ray. Then they had the stick figure charisma vacuum Michelle McCool and her funny Telemundo sidekick Layla call her Piggy James and with the help of WWE’s production staff mock in her with different videos. WWE wasn’t even trying to hide the fact they hated her look and her “win” against Michelle McCool was sad. On top of that she lost the belt right back and never got a word in. If the rumors that the WWE are using her tardiness catching up with transportation are true, well, good for her. You know she did it on purpose.

But allow me a moment to speak directly to Stunt Granny Hall of Famer Mickie James

“Mickie, Alexis, do you mind if I call you that? I love you. Good luck with your music career and if possible stay away from TNA. Yes they will tempt you with an offer of money and dreams of success but it is all lies. Look at Tara/Victoria. Look at how they botched her from the get go and now she is just another pretty face albeit a very pretty face. But Mickie you are more than that. We here, no, I won’t speak for the group, this is between you and me; if you decide to keep wrestling there are plenty of opportunities to wrestle. ROH brings in Shimmer wrestlers for their cards. There is the Female Fight League and they have some talent to work with. How great would it be wrestling Cheerleader Melissa and Awesome Kong? I know how great it sounds writing this.

You know what else sounds awesome?  You sending me pictures of yourself in different states of undress. Yeah, I’m forward like that but it’s all good. You can reach me at stuntgranny@gmail.com. Drop me some digits baby and let’s see where this thing goes. You know, now that there is no conflict of interest. What, the whole girlfriend thing? Nah, it’s cool, she knows the score. When its meant to be its meant to be ya know?  If not, no big thing girl. Good luck in whatever you do and stay sexy.” -Jeremy

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  1. Fanatic 2010-04-23 at 4:34 pm #

    I just released al over my keyboard…still works.

  2. vic 2010-06-01 at 8:31 pm #

    I also busted on my computer but i cant see the screen

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