Big City, Little Venue

The Steinberg Solar home in Lodi, Wisconsin. It'll make sense when you read below.

TNA is finally coming to Columbus Ohio after years of having shows in some podunk town that is not even all that close to Dayton. They might still have a house show there but I don’t care now. Especially since TNA is hosting the event at the Dispatch Ice Haus which is the practice rink that is attached to Nationwide Arena where the WWE hosts Raw and Smackdown. I wish I could think of a metaphor to compare TNA and the WWE. Hmmm. – Kevin

For more information on the Steinberg Solar Home (and where I snagged the picture) go here.

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  1. stuntgranny 2010-05-06 at 4:39 pm #

    Oh lord, stuck in Lodi again…

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