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"There's the door, brother!"

According to Prowrestling.net, TNA iMPACT! is moving back to Thursday nights, its original timeslot. You may recall that it was just March 8 that Spike TV and TNA moved iMPACT! to 8 p.m. ET on Monday nights to go head-to-head with WWE Monday Night Raw. Well, here we are, eight weeks later, and TNA is admitting defeat. In a roundabout, pussified way, of course:

The TNA crew was told today that the company made the call to move the show back to Thursday nights. They were specifically told that it was not a Spike TV decision, but rather because market research done by the company determined that their fans wanted the show on Thursday nights.

Shouldn’t you do that kind of market research *before* you make a huge move such as asking your gracious and generous television network to cram you into a completely different part of its schedule, especially when that change could cost you 20 to 50 percent of your audience, and when that block of time is in direct competition with a much more established brand that will cream you on a weekly basis? Oh, but not that rogue maverick Dixie Carter, nuh uh. She ain’t lettin’ *no* man tell her her business! Not Hulk Hogan, not Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey, not… oh.

Anyway, truth be told, I’m happy TNA is making the move back to Thursdays. This puts the impetus on me, the viewer, to watch iMPACT! then, whereas when I had to choose on Monday nights, the burden was on TNA to finally put on a quality show, and I still chose Raw eight out of eight times (or seven out of seven, because I think these idiots were pre-empted one week). Yep, even “MacGruber” week. I guess I’m happy, too, because TNA’s lost audience might return and breathe life into what could be a healthy national brand, and, as Jim Ross likes to say, competition is healthy. (Though, as Dusty would say, TNA is hardly competition.) Plus Spike TV intends to continue its support of TNA, by adding TNA Reaction to its Thursday line-up this June and branding that night of the week as TNA Thursdays. Yeah, that’s kind of reminiscent of “garbage day,” but whatever. Anyway, one more guffaw at TNA’s expense. This is what you get for thinking Hulk Hogan is gonna help you, dummies. -Eric

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