Sean Waltman Officially Gone From TNA: Still Has Hepatitis.

What a big surprise! According to, Sean Waltman has been fired, or if you are buddies with him, “released” from TNA. Just for fun, he has Hepatitis C and he was still workign all over the country and Mexico. So, I am thinking he may have, I don’t know, been fired.

Here’s a guy who has been given every chance to get his shit straight and continually fucks up. TNA actually did the right thing here and let his diseased ass go. Now I shall channel my inner Dusty: This would have never needed to happen if they never would have hired him in the first place. Now that TNA has released two pieces of nothing its time to hire some more washouts to fill the roster out. It is looking kind of thin now.  -Jeremy

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  1. Anthony 2010-08-05 at 10:33 pm #

    Only God can judge!

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