PWO – Season 3 – Episode 27

Someone drank too much beer. What did the PWO do too much of this week?

Pedro De Lucca noted that the opening match would be for the PWO Tag Team Titles. The Homeless Handicapped Connection, Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron, decked out in their new air brushed tights came to the ring first. Joe Dombrowski told Aaron Maguire that it was quite a coop to hire Raven to take out Jason Bane. Nicky Valentino accompanied Bobby Beverly and Bobby Shields to the ring. Dombrowski noted that “Omega” Aaron Draven would take on “Amazing” N8 Mattson would be on the show later as Sex Appeal took their grand old time getting into the ring. Valentino pulled Hobo Joe off the ring apron and attacked him. Shields & Beverly double teamed Iron and gave him a double Downward Spiral. Shields grabbed the mic and said that the contract said the match was against Sex Appeal so the match was three against two. Dombrowski groused about the contract loop hole.  Iron gave Shields a Scorpion Death Drop which allowed him to tag in Hobo Joe. Sex Appeal regrouped on the outside. Joe & Iron double helioed them.  Iron & Joe tagged Shields with punches back in the ring. Dombrowski was given an emergency note but told Vic Travgliante that it could wait. The match abruptly went to commercial.

Analysis: I like the plan by Sex Appeal. Nice way to extend this feud to Wrestlelution. I can’t believe how bad the production was on the commercial cut away. PWO normally does this stuff well. What has happened so far evens out – Score: 0.

Shields was attacking Hobo Joe as Dombrowski told us that the PWO offices gave them footage from Shima Xion that was disturbing but would be aired later. Shields gave Joe a running knee into a corner. Joe gave Shields a boot after another corner charge. Joe then hit a tornado DDT which allowed him to hot tag Iron. Iron crotched Valentino trying to get into the ring. Shields & Beverly clubbed Iron on the back.  Iron hit a double cross body then a pair of clotheslines. Maguire told Dombrowski to concentrate on the match as he babbled on about the shocking footage (As he should have. You haven’t seen it yet. How shocking can it be? The whipped cream and cherry is the fact that it’s a match for the Tag Team Titles. You sound like you value them as much as the WWE does.)  Iron gave Beverly the Destabler aka Stunner but Shields broke up the count. Joe got tossed to the outside. Iron arm bar face planted Shields (Cool looking move.) Iron gave Shields a top rope elbow. Valentino punted Iron in the eye socket that was hurt a couple of weeks ago. They hit the triple thrust kick for Beverly to score the pin fall victory.

Analysis: Solid ending to the match. The referee didn’t even appear to be trying to stop the illegal double teaming by Sex Appeal which hindered the match some. At least make a half hearted effort to try and get them out of the ring even though it’ll never work. They’re heels, it’s what they do but the referee needs to do his part in the play. Score: +1.

Dombrowski brought the camera shot to him so that he could read the disturbing letter. A fan had been documenting his day at the Cleveland AutoRama and was allowed to film around the PWO shows. The anonymous fan  caught some strange footage as he left the building. The person said that it contains video proof as to who the mystery attacker. Dombrowski ordered Vic Travgliante to take the DVD to Johnny Gargano immediately. (Why? If it exonerates him, fine but shouldn’t someone impartial keep it? Show us it on air and have it sent to the production truck first then Gargano can soak it up too.)

Joe Dombrowski also said that Shima Xion had done something to Michael Facade and they hope to get an update on his physical well being. They then cut to footage of Domrowski interviewing Facade. (Hey bone head, if you interviewed him, don’t you know his status?) Facade was wearing bandages around his eyes but white sunglasses over top of it (There better be a good explanation for this horrendous look.) Facade said that he is doing fine. For the time being, he is doing Jedi training at the dojo. Dombrowski said that the doctors are very concerned about his injury. He said he is having problems doing basic things because he can’t see. Facade mentioned that he has someone with him at all times. Facade admitted that he’s not sure if he’ll wrestle again. Facade, as he takes off his sunglasses a la Horatio Cane, said he’ll make sure that Shima Xion will know what “An eye for an eye means.” (Someone forgot to cue the Who!)

Vic was in the back asking if anyone had seen Johnny Gargano. Ben Fruth asked him if he’d seen Mike Tolar. Gregory Iron asked him if he’d just seen them screwed out of the tag team titles. Iron asked if the news was urgent so Vic gave him the message as “M Dogg 20” Matt Cross snuck out behind them. (Hokey camera shot but can you blame them really?) Iron & Joe looked befuddled and told Vic to let them know when he found Gargano.

Analysis: Holy ongoing segment Batman. The tail end of the match, a reading of a statement, an interview and then another segment. PWO wasn’t even done then because a match is getting ready to start as I type. Segment 1 – I get Dombrowski’s outrage now but they could have just as easily had the package delivered after the match. Dombrowski also looks like a boob on two accounts. First he didn’t stick to his guns defending Gargano very well the last several episodes. Score: -1. The second leads into Segment 2 – Dombrowski was never on camera so if Facade hadn’t mentioned his name he would have had some plausible deniability about Facade’s condition before he sent it to this interview. All Dombrowski needed to say before hand is “This is an update about Facade’s condition” instead of using the words “hope” for an update. Score: -1. Segment 3 – It makes sense to not know where Gargano has been since he’d been black balled from the locker room so that probably isn’t the best place for Vic to check. Score: +1.

Brian Bender was in the ring to take on Krimson again. Bender ducked a clothesline then got in a couple of basic moves. Dombrowski said that Bender had requested the rematch to show Earnie Ballz, who had just come to ring side, that he was the main part in The Rock Show tag team.  Bender kneed Krimson in the head. Dombrowski said that Super Hentai was watching in the back. Bender hit a urinogi but only got a one count. Krimson clotheslined Bender. Dombrowski said that he doesn’t want to reveal what’s on the letter because he wants to see the video proof. He claimed it’ll turn PWO on it’s head. (At least he’s not trying to claim it’ll change pro wrestling like some other company.) Krimson tossed Bender shoulder first into the ring post. Krimson hit the Witches Wheel.  Krimson then put on a make shift Super Hentai mask and applied another Witches Wheel for the three count. Earnie Ballz fled the ring side.

Analysis: At least that was a quick match. The squabbling by Bender & Ballz is just kind of there. Until anyone involved in that story line wins, it exists to fill time and nothing more. They did advance Krimson’s storyline though. They also had this crack pot segment go right into a promo by Super Hentai. Score: +1.

Super Hentai said that he cost him a chance at the PWO Heavyweight Title. He said that he has mentored some of the people Krimson has attacked. Hentai said that he’s calling him out to a one on one match.

Analysis: Sweet lord thanks for that being short but it adds to the ADD level of this segment. It was right out of TNA’s play book. Give me some breather time. Hentai needed to be more emotional since he’s the positive guy always harping on Krimson’s negativity. Score: 0.

After a very short break to advertise Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment, the production people threw it to the Shima Xion pre-taped segment. Xion told someone not to turn off the camera no matter what happened. He claimed to have a photo shoot in Detroit and he was at Flip Kendrick & Louis Linden’s place because they shouldn’t have stuck their noses in his business. He confronted them face to face. Xion ran outside. They got assaulted by the Gambino brothers. Xion said that they need to mind their business. Xion said he is counting on his family. He finished by saying he wanted to get Facade again.

Analysis: The segment was fine other than Xion telling the camera man not to stop filming. I’d think it wasn’t one of PWO’s camera person’s so that means they are in with Xion & his crew so he wouldn’t turn it off. Easy bait angle though that built on the earlier interview. Score: +1.

“The Megastar” Marion Fontaine took on Ben Fruth (in a battle of the bean poles.) Fontaine slammed Fruth then dropped an elbow on him.  Fontaine got caught charging in with a boot to the face. A Fruth roll up only got a two count.  Fontaine caught Fruth with a high knee.  Fontaine connected with a DVD for the victory. Fontaine grabbed the mic and said it was his time now since he won the match. He said that his competition was a joke. Fontaine said he was sick of being a joke in PWO. He called out Joe Dombrowski into the ring. Dombrowski reluctantly went to the ring. Fontaine told him to start paying attention to him. He said that Dombrowski was real close to PWO management. Fontaine asked if he has been treated fairly and told him this needed to be done in public. Fontaine said that he was going to conduct an interview with Dombrowski. He again asked Dombrowski if PWO management was holding him down but never really let him answer. Fontaine complained about not having the right look. Fontaine recounted his past terrible partners as he continued to berate Dombrowski. Joe started to look pissed off. Fontaine said that he is a main event player and should be so at Wrestlelution. Dombrowski said that the problem isn’t management but individuals who ignore the other people in the locker room. After a short berating by Fontaine, Dombrowski told him that “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan would be his opponent. The crowd chanted “USA” as Fontaine looked irritated.

Analysis: How did Dombrowski hook that match up already? The announcement should have been next week at least. Fontaine is the best person that gets to touch a microphone in this company. It’s too bad he can’t bulk up some because he’d be awesome. Score: +1.

Vic Travgliante found Gargano in the back with his hands on his head. Vic gave the letter to Gargano who just got up and took off. Analysis: Makes sense for him to want to go after the perpetrator for besmirtching (Thanks William Regal!) his good name. Score: +1.

N8 Mattson was in the ring with Benjamin Boone holding a microphone. He said he has a message for “Omega” Aaron Draven. Mattson said that he’s going to win and take his championship back to Detroit. Mattson told us of the stipulation of Draven not being able to have another rematch with Mattson. Draven assaulted Mattson before he could get the upper hand. Boone tried to help but splashed Mattson. Draven thrust kicked Boone out of the ring. Boone snuck up from behind and clotheslined Draven as he posed for the crowd. Boone was then tossed from ring side. Draven drop kicked Mattson who rolled outside the ring. Draven followed and gave him various chops. Mattson moved out of the way of a diving Draven so that he hit the guard rail. Mattson hit some basic offense. Mattson gave Draven a high knee. Dombrowski said that the video evidence would be revealed after the match. Mattson missed charging into the corner. Draven gave Mattson a leg lariat. Draven sling shot into a Rocker Dropper.  Mattson got in a jaw jacker. Mattson gave Draven a leg drop from the second rope. Draven countered the Big Blue Buster and only got a two count. Draven hit a Big Blue Buster for another two count. Mattson hit a Falcon Arrow for a two count. Mattson called for Fruth to come out. Fruth grabbed the TV Title and gave it to Mattson. Fruth held Draven against the ropes (This referee has been inconsistent at best. He didn’t try to get Sex Appeal out of the ring at all, tossed Boone from ring side but then allows Fruth to interfere now? A Boo.) Mattson whacked Fruth with the belt. Draven rolled up Mattson to regain the TV Title belt. Mattson said he wants his rematch because of a crooked referee from Ohio was involved. Pedro De Lucca informed Mattson that the no rematch clause was for both contestants so he wouldn’t get a rematch. He pleaded with De Lucca to no avail.

Analysis: Good match. Solid angle at the end but should the heel always outsmart the baby face?  It should have been a one way rematch clause. The announcers and everyone else sure made it seem that way. Score: +1.

Vic and Gargano were in the back ready to watch the footage. It showed Matt Cross faking his injuries due to the attacker. Gargano just looked pissed and said he couldn’t believe it.

Analysis: Solid segment although it would have been better if he had caught Cross attacking someone earlier. Showing Cross planting the evidence is solid. The mystery is solved and we have our main event for Wrestlelution 3. Score: +1.

Final Score: 6/12 . Final Analysis: I haven’t said this in a while about PWO, but slow it down. Too much happened. I’m 99% sure I’ve never watched a show with double digit segments and this one had 12. The stories have finally paid off and we’ll see how the build to their pay per view, basically, goes. It’s correct to lay the ground work for Wrestlelution as soon as possible but it seems like they could have moved one of these big stories to next week’s show. I’m thinking the news of “Hacksaw” Duggan wrestling could have been held off even if they had still had Fontaine bearting Dombrowski in the ring. – Kevin

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