Rob Van Dam out for a while. No really.

Time off. Hoooooooooooooo!

This is so dumb it has to be true. You wanna know why TNA took the title off of Rob Van Dam? Well, look no further than this at The geniuses at TNA are getting low on his contractually agreed upon dates so they had to pull him for a while.

Powell’s POV: Van Dam is expected to be off television and most house show events for a while because TNA reportedly burned through the majority of the dates he agreed to work when he signed his contract with the company. Hopefully the Hammerstein dates sticks, as that was a hotbed for ECW back in the day

In review, TNA knew they had a defined amount of dates they needed him to work. So, knowing this ahead of time they burned through them like a drug addict. Instead of having him job back  to AJ Styles or someone on the roster they run an injury angle and strip him of it. Instead of having the injury angle come after the title loss they strip him of the title.

As I presented it to Kevin; this is beyond retarded. If you are given fifteen peanuts and told they have to last you fifteen days you don’t eat ten of them the first day. Essentially TNA has eaten all of their peanuts. Fucking retards. The depth of my loathing for the management of this company just keeps getting lower and lower. You would think by now they would have bottomed up but then they go and do something like this and the pit of despair gets deeper and deeper. Where are my Cure albums and candles? I feel some gloom coming on. -Jeremy

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