Hits (& Penis) Up, TNA Still Down

I'd like to know if Mickie James is scalped in her bikini bottoms.

According to our ever present news source, Prowrestling.net, Mickie James has signed with TNA. The news actually comes from diva-dirt.com (get their link in the other link) and they speculate that October 7th could be her debut date. I’m going to make an evening out of seeing Mickie back in the ring with a special bottle of lube. She may have been signed because Dixie Carter complimented Mickie on her new (almost assuredly) awful country album (I love your flaws!). Powell thinks there’s a chance that she’ll revitalize the division, but I’m a realist and know that TNA is going to drive her into the ground and make her irrelevent within a month.  Except in my shower, in the morning, when I have wood. – Kevin

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