Tara grows third breast, MVP shows kids prison tats, Hulk Hogan’s back hurts, brother

Tara elbow injury

Where do you feed...?

According to Prowrestling.net, TNA Knockout Tara has grown a third breast! On her elbow! Freak!! Now she’ll have to wear 16C-cup elbow pads.

Also according to Prowrestling.net, MVP and Matt Striker appeared on “MSNBC News Live” today to promote WWE’s WrestleMania Reading Challenge. MVP explained to the children how he’s spent the past two years reading sponsor signs in arenas while lying flat on his back for three seconds, and Matt Striker told MSNBC reporter Some Skank how he got tired of reading Jason Powell referring to Striker’s penis as a “beer can.”

Finally, according to Prowrestling.net, Hulk Hogan will undergo what he’s called a “make it or break it Hail Mary” back surgery, brother. He should have never let Donald Trump hang onto the largest back in the world, brother, and backstroked him, dog-paddled him to safety! -Eric

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