Mr. Anderson comes to grips with being stuck in TNA

mr. kennedy

I don't know why, this just seemed appropriate

According to, Mr. Anderson was interviewed by Alex Marvez for, and despite saying he’s “made peace” with being released by WWE not long ago, it appears he doesn’t like sleeping where he shits.

“Yeah, the last two years didn’t go the way I had planned.”

Oh, so being in that backwoods piece-of-shit company called TNA wasn’t how you envisioned spending your early 30s? You figured you’d wait until you were 45 and on the Jake Roberts Liquid and Powder Diet before you slummed with the trailer trash, popping pills and stalking your ex? That’s OK, I’m sure Matt Hardy didn’t plan for his last two years to be spent binging on Nilla Cakesters, watching his career plummet in a tailspin, gimmicking a split personality, buying a Flip cam, actually knowing how to *use* a Flip cam, and then WISHING to go to TNA. One of you is the garbage, and the other one is the wiggly stink lines coming off the garbage. I hope you two have a wonderful life together. (Wow, did I really just turn another post into a reason to make fun of Matt Hardy? I need a life.) -Eric

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  1. Kirk Angel 2010-10-01 at 2:47 pm #

    Fatt Hardy jokes WILL NOT DIIIIIIIIE!

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