Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

Even I have been bored by my site. We have been shit recently.

Let’s get this thing started. I’m starting to drink after a good work out. I was tired of not having something new on the site so even though I’m starting my viewing at 10:20 PM EST, I’m posting a running review. Hopefully this will be funny. And if you our great fans are lucky, I’ll even get to infect your ear waves too.

Jeremy and I were talking about this earlier today, Husky Harris would be an awesome addition to Nexus. He played a great dick. Barrett introduces John Cena. Jer and I also agree that it’d be great if Cena doesn’t pull the whole “Enemy Within” shenanigans. I want him beating people down. Tarver is awesome on the mic. Too bad his in ring skills are questionable. Another Jeremy & Kevin topic today. We gab like school girls sometimes. Maybe we should just post those. We tend to cover stuff we don’t get to in audio form. I like Barrett’s offer to Cena about tag partners. I guess we’ll get to see Tarver’s skills. Bourne could make him look silly. Henry will just squash him. Justin Gabriel’s hair dye looks bad but does get him around the boy band look. Why didn’t Bourne attack Taver while he yapped?

Henry doing what I expected after the commercial break. I guess Cena can’t turn right away. I’ll forgive the the short arm. Bourne’s standing moonsault is awesome. Still remember seeing that from the 3rd row or something in Detroit. Cole pulling for Cena is bizarre with his new character. Aww crap. Fucking assholes. That is lazier than our site. You get paid to write this stuff. Make it interesting.  Where is the rest of Nexus? Is Barrett letting Cena thin the herd? The crowd is going pretty solid. The GM saves the day for the first time ever. Wow, not only did the GM stop a boring beat down, he/she just made the angle interesting again. The GM must have something in for Tarver though. He got his ass beat before they intervened.

Token women’s match. Yippee. Jackass 3D looks awesome. I love idiots doing stupid and painful things.

I think it’s a good thing that Ryder is being punked every week. He’s on TV in an almost Chavo Guerrero role. Solid promos from both Cena and Barrett even though they were short.

Bryan needs new music. It was funny for like a week. Wow, Sheamus. Feeding Bryan to the wolves. Shouldn’t Sheamus have been more injured? He did just wrestle in a Hell in a Cell match. Bryan got his ass handed to him worse than I thought he would.

Nice to be able to FF thru the review of the Edge situation. He’s a victim of too many guys on Raw. He’d be so much better off back on Smackdown. Cole is being pompous well sometimes. I must admit this character is better than anything he’s ever done. He still mostly sucks though. Nice, Edge to Smackdown! I can’t believe that I thought that. Hadn’t really thought about his situation recently. King with a decent zinger. Why do people love to chant “You tapped out!” Seems to work like a charm. Edge is going face organically with this feud. If they decide to keep him that way on Smackdown. Miz getting some heat back too.

Nice, Barrett did want to hatchet Tarver. Laying the ground work to make room for Husky and McGillicutty? They could rotate people in and out of Nexus if they decide to keep these NXT guys fresh. I think it could work well.

Another women’s match? What the hell is happening?  Lay  Cool is talking over the whole match? It’s kind of obnoxiously funny. 2 matches, no more than 3 minutes. Cole even calling for the mics to be shut down. The hand is funny again.

I like them pinning this thing on Knoxville. He plays dead well. Why does Golddust want the Million Dollar Belt? He did act pretty weird for the first time in whenever.

Otunga can be creating a case to be leader of Nexus. I like it.

I didn’t tape anything past 11:05. I hope I don’t miss much. This battle royal is moving on along. Tension mountss in Nexus. Cena could make a case that Otunga is turning on Barrett.

Tyson Kidd still in there. Another topic Jeremy and I got to today. With Bourne, Rey, Bryan and Kaval, the WWE is recognizing the small guy more than usual. And Kidd just got tossed as I typed that. Cena is doing a good job of protecting without committing all the way. Aww damn it, my DVR cut it. No final decision for me. I guess I’ll check somewhere else and add those thoughts tomorrow. No time for this idiot. Oh I suppose I should mention I finished watching at 11:37 PM EST so I condensed viewing down to 77 minutes. Nice. -Kevin

I’m glad Cena eliminated himself. I’m reading Powell’s review and I don’t think he knows what logic gap means. He said Cena could have been eliminated earlier than having to eliminate himself, which is true. It doesn’t mean Cena couldn’t get to the end. Other people could have eliminated Nexus members but the announcers made the point a number of times that the WWE wrestlers weren’t ganging up on the Nexus members. – Kevin

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