Foley thinks he suffered brain damage, Anderson thinks he… um… oh yeah, suffered brain damage

mick foley

This guy has brain damage? *THIS* guy has brain damage? Bullshit, I say!

According to, Mick Foley told Michael Landsberg of TSN’s “Off the Record” (it’s Canadian, look it up, and don’t worry, the fact that Canadians don’t wear deodorant doesn’t come across on TV) that he thinks he’s suffered permanent brain damage. (Eric’s note: Duh.) The show has yet to air, but reports say that after Landsberg finished interviewing Foley, the focus turned to Landsberg’s other guests. However, Foley doesn’t stand for this and continues trying to talk over everyone about how he’s an online abuse counselor and a sought-after charity event keynote speaker and that he was recognized at a recent autograph signing and that he ate not one but two Big Jon Tenderloins the other day and, and, and… hey! I’m over here!

In a related story on, Mr. Anderson admits to returning to the ring too soon after suffering a concussion at the drug-addled hands of Jeff Hardy. The No. 1 sign of his early return: forgetting everything he and AJ Styles had planned to do in their match. The No. 1 sign of having no business being in a wrestling ring: planning everything you do in your match.

“It was one of the scariest things. I literally couldn’t remember anything and I couldn’t think. I’m usually pretty good on my feet and I couldn’t think of anything to do. It was kind of a scary situation and I went back to the locker room and I told (agent) D-Lo (Brown) about it and he said ‘you’re going home tomorrow.'”

Unfortunately, someone will tell him to come back. -Eric

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