Stunt Granny Audio- WWE TLC 2010 Preview

Pretty straight forward huh? Yup, it is the return of the audio PPV preview shows. Kevin and Jeremy come at ya to discuss WWE’s TLC PPV.  They cover every match in great detail save for one. Oh and it isn’t the one you think it is. They discuss the difference between WWE Divas and TNA’s Knockouts in the context of actually mattering. They also run down the problems with how the Smackdown main event changed. Was it necessary or was it a stroke of genius on their part? They then break in to song and relive past WWE TLC match glories, well, not really but we need to fill space here to make you listen. I mean how do you fill space on a preview show without giving everything away? If I was a better writer maybe I could come up with something but I’m not so I didn’t. So now you gave to listen.

WWE TLC 2010 Preview

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