Samoe Joe Is Staying With TNA

Defense Evidence #1. I win this argument.

According to Dixie Carters twitter account Samoa Joe has resigned with the company.

TNADixie Dixie Carter

Proud to report the re-signing of Samoa Joe! I feel good knowing that I have a focused & determined Samoan on my side. Congrats to us both!

This guarantees more years of dwindling returns due to poor booking and Joe’s own bad temper. Just imagine he turned down more exposure and proper use to sign with a company four years away from going out of business. Well, I guess if the contract is for three years he can escape without the stink of a former WCW wrestler. Wait a minute that has proven successful for some people I suppose.

Here is one annoying thing about Dixie Carter’s twitter post. She isn’t the head of the fucking company on television. She was ousted then did some legal blowjob to get Hogan removed or suspended or something. So of course she blows the storyline by posting out of character but then….nevermind. This bozo has no clue. Now this wouldn’t be an issue if TNA didn’t have on the top of their home page “Follow Dixie Carter” on twitter. So, as a piece of good holiday cheer I will give some advice. Hey fuckos follow your own god damn storylines. -Jeremy

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