PWO – Season 4 – Episode 17

The big announcement by Justin LaBar is made official. Click the read more button to find out what it is, if you didn't read my spoiler.

Justin LaBar was shown coming to the venue. He was greeted by Joe Dombrowski. He expressed his doubts about LaBar meeting face to face with Fontaine because he could get hurt. Analysis: Dombrowski is such a giant pussy. If LaBar was confronting Bane or Krimson, I’d get the concern. Anyway, I suppose if I go off about it, something is working. Plus, it does hype what will likely be the main event. Score: +1.

Aaron Maguire is back with Dombrowski announcing. Maguire was still wearing a neck brace and selling the injury from Bane. They showed LaBar pacing in the crowd and said that “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine was on his way to the building.

Shiima Xion is in a triple threat match with Jason Gory and Michael “The Bomber” Facade for the #1 contender status for the TV Title. Dombrowski ran through who beat who between these three. Facade started working over Xion while Gory stayed in the corner. Gory attacked Xion after he tossed Facade to the outside. Gory jaw jacked then executed a swinging neck breaker on Xion who rolled to the outside. Facade and Gory faced off. Facade turned the tide with an enziguri. Facade cross bodied Gory on the outside. Xion attacked Facade from behind. Maguire mentions a tid bit I missed earlier. The winner of this match takes on Bobby Beverly at Wrestlelution. Gory with a sling shot elbow. It only got a two count. Gory dropped several running leg drops. Russian leg sweep by Gory on Xion only gets two. Facade gave a spring board heel kick to Gory for two. Reality Check like move by Facade on Xion for two. Tower of Doom allows Gory to attempt pins on Facade & Xion. Several near falls on roll ups and small packages. Facade monkey flipped Xion into a huge Code Breaker by Gory. Facade saves Xion. Shiima attacked Facade. Xion hits a super Alabama Slam. (Facade had Xion’s back on his, then flipped him over power bomb/Alabama Slam style). The announcers get done bitching about all of the other goings on in PWO  to over hype a very nice match up to this point. Spring board bulldog by Facade on Gory only gets a two count. Beverly hits the ring and attacks all of them.

Analysis: Very good match. I say it was over hyped because Dombrowski said these were three of the top competitors in any league. Facade still needs to cut down on the high risk or get better at balancing himself. Gory is OK but he needs to build some muscle. Xion could be in that conversation much earlier than the other two. The ending would say to me that they want all of these guys on the card and we’ll have a four man match for the TV Title. I just hope if they go that route, it’s elimination style. Score: +1.

Vic Travagliante introduces Brian Castle who hugs Vic and waves to the home audience. Vic informs Castle that Brian Bender won’t be here tonight and that Castle has a chance to get them into the PWO Tag Team Title hunt by beating Sex Appeal. Castle attributes his power to his bandana. “Amazing” N8 Mattson & Benjamin Boone tell Vic to hit the bricks. The Sons of Michigan inform Castle that they brought him into PWO and they can take him out. Mattson takes off his bandana and has Boone blow his nose in it then stomp on it. Mattson tells Castle to get his priorities straight. Castle looked pissed for the first time.

Analysis: Interesting turn in the fun loveable Brian Castle story. He’s got the “It” factor. Good facials and character portrayal. Mattson & Boone continue their bullying ways. Will it back fire again? Stay tuned. Score: +1.

Nicki Valentino comes to the ring with Bobby Shields (who looks like he found my boy Dolph Ziggler’s hair dye) to take on Brian Castle. Dombrowski informs us that Bender is injured and will be healthy by the time Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive. Valentino goes for shoulder blocks but falls himself. Valentino slaps Castle which gets him pissed off. Castle clotheslines him a couple of times. He then threw Valentino into the corner but missed the splash. Valentino drop kicked Castle in the back. Shields cheap shots Castle. Valentino crotches himself going for a rope splash. Castle splashes Valentino twice. Valentino kicks out at two. Shields pulls Valentino off Castle’s shoulder. Dombrowski covers for the ignorant ref. Shields slips Valentino a chain and he clocks Castle for the win. The ref goes to raise Valentino’s arm that is concealing the chain. He tries to get him to raise the other arm but the referee eventually sees the chain. Tom Dunne reverses the decision. Dombrowski & Maguire sells Sex Appeal’s anger because evidently they can’t. Castle high fives people in the crowd.

Analysis: The announcers did some serious covering in this match. Tom Dunne was looking straight at Shields when he grabbed his leg. Valentino & Shields need to act pissed even if they were caught red handed. Castle did his part by celebrating the belated victory. Even if his gig is high five-ing people already. Score: -1.

Aeroform said that their training is paying off because they’re in a four way dance for the PWO Tag Team Titles at Wrestlelution. Lynden said they were preparing at the East Lansing Dojo mentally, physically and psychologically. They respect the Homeless Handicapped Connection. Aeroform doesn’t know about Castle & Bender but they’ll know more about them soon. Kendrick tells the Sons of Michigan that they need to be humble because they’re taking the belts at Wrestlelution.

Analysis: Aren’t mentally & psychologically the same thing? OK material from them. I like the starter & closer rotation Lynden & Kendrick have now. Score: 0.

Krimson quotes Aristole. He said that Bane walks around like he doesn’t fear anything. Krimson continued and said he will know fear when the time is right. Krimson said no one will be able to help Bane. Analysis: I like the hype for this match up. No physical confrontation yet and Krimson is cutting good promos. Score: +1.

Krimson came to the ring for his match against Hobo Joe. Krimson no sold Joe’s punches and fore arms to the chest. Krimson starts to man handle Joe. A running low fore arm by Krimson looked rough. Joe caught Krimson with a back elbow charging in. Krimson clothes lined Joe. Witches Wheel gets the three count for Krimson. Hobo Joe had the noose put around his neck then was thrown over the top rope. Dombrowski still wants to stop the confrontation between LaBar and Fontaine. (He should be wearing a skirt at ring side.)

Analysis: Good enough showing for Joe but still dominating For Krimson. Score: +1.

Vic Travagliante interviewed Ben Fruith. Vic asked him about winning the WrestleRama Trophy. Fruith said he didn’t know how to describe his feelings. Bobby Shields interrupted and asked if Fruith thought he actually accomplished something. Shields insults his looks then runs him down more. Shields said he deserved the trophy. He then implied that he stole it from Fruith’s bag. Shields pie faced ruith and told him he’d never find Sex Appeal.

Analysis: Fruith was OK. He doesn’t sell the pathetic enough. Shields had his best interview/promo. Vic was a good bystander. The interviewer gets too involved these days. Score: +1.

They showed a replay of Bane beating Fontaine for the PWO Title. Fontaine slapped LaBar after the match. Dombrowski is talking to LaBar at ring side directly after the replay. Fontaine grabs the mic and said they went off script. Fontaine invites him into the ring.  Dombrowski is grousing like a woman on the outside. Fontaine commends LaBar for getting in the ring. Fontaine said that Dombrowski & PWO management has been so far up his butt, they haven’t seen light for months. (The heel always needs to be right at some point. This one is it.) Fontaine manages to brag about a slap. LaBar grabs the mic and rips on his mustache. LaBar tells Fontaine that he doesn’t respect wrestling or the fans. He said he is egomaniac. Fontaine grabs the mic back and says that LaBar is a mark. He then explains the term. Fontaine then calls him a smart mark. He claims LaBar isn’t a man. Fontaine asks LaBar if he wants to be a wrestler. Fontaine offers his chin to LaBar. Maguire comes into the ring and holds back LaBar. Fontaine kicks him in the gut. Fontaine said he was going to break LaBar’s hand so he could write a review on the internet. (Did you ever hear of dictation?) “Omega” Aaron Draven makes the save with little crowd reaction. Maguire tries to says he wasn’t involved. LaBar grabbed the mic while Fontaine was restrained by security. LaBar asked Fontaine if he wanted a fight. He then explained iPPV which Wrestlelution 4 will be available on. LaBar said he knew he needed to out smart Fontaine. LaBar said that Fontaine can fight Kevin Nash at the event. Fontaine looked stunned.

Analysis: I was really surprised there wasn’t a commercial break. I’m glad both of these guys hold up their end of a mic because neither of them are physically intimidating. The crowd was caught by surprise of the Nash announcement. There wasn’t quite a build up to it. I know the segment built the tension between LaBar and Fontaine but there was no inkling that LaBar was going to announce someone as his replacement for Wrestlelution. Plus, poor Draven is sitting there with his dick flapping in the wind. He makes the save and doesn’t get to take on Fontaine (For now. See my spoiler.) As I said in the spoiler, biggest addition to Wrestlelution ever. Nash got a huge reaction at the Royal Rumble and has been on TNA within the past year. He’s way above “The Hammer”, King Kong Bundy or anyone else PWO  has brought in. Score: +1.

Final Score: 6/9. Final Analysis: The announcers, Aaron Maguire & Joe Dombrowski, were the big story of the show. Dombrowski was in the opening with Justin LaBar. Maguire came back from several weeks off. As happens with announcers these days, they decided not to call most of the opening match despite the importance of it. They did join in when the rapid fire pins started happening. Dombrowski & Maguire then covered for Tom Dunne looking at  blatant interference. Dombrowski had to again try and stop the confrontation between LaBar & Fontaine so he got more camera time. To wrap up the announcers, Maguire interfered for Mare as he would call Fontaine.

One other minor point that didn’t hit me until later. It is already confirmed that the Tag Team Titles will be defended in a four way match. I assumed that because of Beverly’s interference, the TV Title match would be a four way bout at Wrestlelution also. I hope that is not the case. Two four way matches is bad unless you’re in Survivor Series, even then it doesn’t come off great. -Kevin

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