Stunt Granny Lunch Conversation: Eric & Jeremy, August 9, 2011

Yup, this has happened before.

Jeremy: You catch Monday Night Raw?
Eric: The first hour and 10 got bored, even though I knew Punk would be at the end. Punk is ratings; a contract signing is not ratings
Jeremy: He made it interesting.
Eric: see, here’s the thing. WWE is so fucking lazy.
Eric: “Ooh, one week before a big PPV, what can we do to sell it?????”
Eric: “I know a CONTRACT SIGNING!”
Eric: you could have had Santa debate Jesus and I still wouldn’t have watched it
Jeremy: yeah I know
Eric: I swear they’re setting him up to fail
Eric: “Even better!! Let’s get the heat-sucking vacuum asshole of a human being son-in-law Triple H in on the action, too!!”
Eric: he just sucks all of the air out of the room
Eric: Cena didn’t even bother looking him in the eye in their first segment
Jeremy: You get the feeling Punk is going corporate?
Eric: Now the heat is split in thirds instead of in half.
Jeremy: The big swerve
Eric: Eh, I would be severely bored by that
Jeremy: He did it on Ring Of Honor remember.
Eric: I don’t remember.
Jeremy: When he knowingly signed with WWE as the Ring Of Honor champ. Cut and dyed his hair. Wore a suit.
Eric: Oh yeah.
Jeremy: Something doesn’t seem right about the angle but now I hear they are building to him and triple H, which isn’t a bad thing
Eric: CM Punk vs. Triple H at WrestleMania is totally OK with me. Before that? No thanks.
Jeremy: They were saying survivor series, nah, WM works way better but I like that there seems to be some sort of booking plan.
Eric: Well yeah
Eric: Rock vs. Cena, Triple H vs. Punk
Eric: That’s an awesome 1-2 punch for WM28. Then find an opponent for Taker
Eric: Miz?
Jeremy: Taker vs Kane? Only reason is he never got revenge.
Eric: Yuck
Jeremy: I think that is Survivor Series as well
Eric: Possible if Taker comes back by then. See, the shitty thing is the finish to the Taker-Hunter match at WM27 sets up a rematch for them at WM28.
Eric: “Three years ago, Shawn Michaels did almost everything he could to beat me, and he failed. Two years ago, he did do everything, and I put him into retirement…”
Eric: “Last year, I did everything I could to keep Triple H from beating me, and it put me on the shelf. I never thought I’d say this, but I have to prove it to myself: I need to beat Triple H one more time.”
Jeremy: Yeah it does. They way Punk keeps inserting him in between rock and Cena makes me wonder if a three way is set.
Jeremy: I doubt it but it is an idea and wow.
Eric: That would be interesting, but personally I don’t like it. Not a fan of three-ways
Jeremy: Nah
Eric: Here’s the other thing who in WWE is even worth any of these main-event spots at this moment? One year ago this time, someone could have made the case that Wade Barrett could have wrestled Cena, Undertaker, etc. Now he’s so far down the ladder. Christian is not WM main-event worthy.
Jeremy: There is time for Barrett and his commentary on Smackdown only cemented his longevity.
Eric: Yeah. I do like him a lot. And commentary has always been a make-or-break time.
Jeremy: Christian is frustrating man.
Jeremy: He has good performances then his mic work is a letdown.
Jeremy: There was a match, I think with Morrison, where he won and he had this look on his face of pure confidence and it worked. Then the next week he faltered and he was back to being the chicken shit. Barrett and Daniel Bryan is exactly what they should be doing.
Eric: Yes.
Eric: Oh, Barrett vs. Sheamus at WrestleMania 28? I would love that
Jeremy: They brought up Nexus. Bryan and Barrett needs to happen but do they have the patience? As a writing staff.
Eric: I think so.
Eric: a) it needs to be an Intercontinental Title match
Eric: so b) they need to get the belt off Zeke
Eric: This could take a few months.
Eric: c) they could tease it at Survivor Series, then have them eye-to-eye at Royal Rumble
Eric: They need to take these next four months to build Barrett back up
Jeremy: But Bryan already said he is cashing in at WrestleMania. How you get around that? Can’t have him lose it that is hack and I mean the briefcase.
Eric: Orton vs. Bryan sounds OK to me. Hell, heel Bryan up a little.

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