PWO – Season 5 – Episode 2

I posted hot twins for Episode 2 last year. I figured why not again.

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire preview the show. “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine takes on “M Dogg 20” Matt Cross in the main event for the #1 Contendership for the PWO Title. Bobby Shields vs. “Omega” Aaron Draven and Krimson vs. Brian Bender is also on the card. The later match was first. Dombrowski informed us that Hobo Joe will be out indefinitely from the injuries last week. Krimson assaulted Bender before he could get to the ring. Krimson missed a charge on the outside. It allowed Bender to suplex Krimson on the floor. Bender tossed him into the ring. Krimson charged into the corner but got back elbowed. Krimson crotched Bender on the middle rope. Krimson fore armed Bender in the chest. Bender fought back with chops and punches. Krimson gave Bender the big boot then clothes lined him. Bender pulled Krimson off the top rope. Krimson head butted then low clothes lined Bender in the back of the head. A Witch’s Wheel got Krimson the victory. Kirst & Jason Gory came out to attack Bender. The baby face locker room empties to save Bender.

Analysis: Bender went a little too over board with his actions to me. Too deep of a knee bend when punching, attacking a little too woozy, that kind of a thing. Having Krimson get a win back after Wrestlelution over one of the bigger men in PWO was a good idea though. Krimson didn’t quite squash him but it was close. I like the locker room emptying earlier this week. So many times, another beat down happens and it just is bad logic to me. Once you know someone is going to carry out their threat, like the Dead Wrestling Society, you need to keep an eye on them and nip further assaults from happening. Score: +1.

The Sons of Michigan, Benjamin Boone & “Amazing” N8 Mattson, are going to take on Ben Fruith & Corey Winters before they take on Aeroform (Louis Lynden & Flip Kendrick) .  Mattson bragged about them dominating the tag team division. He went on to say that even though Aeroform are from Michigan, they are the only ones to truly represent Michigan. Mattson said they out smarted Aeroform at Wrestlelution and they’ll do it again in the next match. Boone said something was on his mind and it was Ben Fruith because he won’t stay out of their business. Mattson said it was going to be too easy but then reminded us that Fruith stole the Wrestlerama Trophy from him and that he owes him one. “Hail To The Victors” is officially a catch phrase for them.

Analysis: Good promo for both of them. I wish Boone got a little more to sink his teeth into for his end but I’m not sure that was his fault. Score: +1.

Corey Winters & Ben Fruith are sitting back to back with the Wrestlerama Trophy behind them. They both say that each other has been friendless for too long and high five. Fruith said that he liked winning the trophy more at Wrestlelution than he did that first time over and he acted like he didn’t know. Winters “tagged in” and answered N8 Mattson. Winters said they are wrestling for the PWO Tag Team Titles. Fruith said that they’re going to bring an end to the Sons of Michigan’s reign. Analysis: On the one hand, that promo was completely gay. On the other hand, Winters & Fruith have characters for the first time ever. So it’s a wash. Score: 0.

Bobby Shields took on “Omega” Aaron Draven. Dombrowski noted that Shields wrestled in a grueling two out of three falls match last week. A shoulder block by Shields led to him posing. Shields punch Draven in the corner. Draven kicked Shields to the outside. Shields dropped Draven over the middle rope. A Neck breaker by Shields led to more posing. A neck cravat allowed Shields to knee Draven in the face. Draven rolled up Shields but only got two. Shields had a nice looking suplex. Shields missed on a third knee dropped. Draven drop toe holded Shields into the middle rope. Shields clothes lined Draven. Another cravat/knee combo led to a running high knee by Shields. Draven turned it out with three kicks. Draven hit a pair of leaping clothes lines then an enziguri which draped Shields on the middle rope. Draven sentoned him but only got a two count. Draven spine bustered Shields. A German Suplex by Shields only got a two count. A roll thru slam from the fire man’s carry position put Shields in the corner to take the 450 splash from Draven for the victory.

Analysis: Good match. They’re doing a good job of keeping people’s momentum from Wrestlelution. Well wrestled match but I’m not keen on Draven lightly tapping the mat. Be more demonstrative. Bang on that mat hard if you’re going to do that. Score: +1.

Krimson quoted the Bible from Revelations. Krimson told Jason Bane has not heard the last of him. He said they are the seventh seal and fear. Gory said that the Dead Wrestling Society was completed last year in Steetsboro. He said they aren’t done and more torture is to come. Kirst (with his black hood on) said they are going to end careers and throw people in the dumpster. Analysis: Gory & Kirst need some work and better material. Krimson got all of the good stuff. Two parts bad, one part good. Score: -1.

Vic Travaglainte was in the ring to interview Justin LaBar. He said that the last year has been surreal. LaBar said that even after the bumps it has been worth it. He said his place was on the other side of the guard rail. He thanked management and the wrestlers. Just as LaBar was about to leave the ring, Fontaine came down to the ring. He said that LaBar doesn’t belong in the ring and shouldn’t be able to ride off like a hero. Fontaine said he’s the biggest trash he’s ever seen (As I shake my head up and down furiously). Fontaine was up at the treatment management gave LaBar. Fontaine said he has no right to leave the way he is going to. Fontaine asked where all of his friends. He said that Nash only hangs out with people who have enough money for him. Fontaine dares LaBar to punch him. LaBar walked out of the ring. Fontaine ended by saying if LaBar ever came back, he should grow a pair before doing so.

Analysis: I could have added a few extra insults but that was nice to see. Wow, maybe I understand why Vince likes to have character tell people off. It feels good even if you didn’t do it yourself. I will mention that LaBar and his site have added our good friend Aaron Maguire to their site. Whether he is doing straight PWO pimping there or not can’t be answered by yours truly because I’m not clicking on that dump. LaBar was mostly just a spectator and Fontaine delivered devoid of whether I wanted to say that stuff or not. Score: +1.

Gregory Iron said that the last year of his life has been the best. Him & Hobo Joe won the PWO Tag Team Titles last year at Wrestlelution 3. Iron noted CM Punk championing him. Iron said that none of it matters because of the Dead Wrestling Society’s attack on Hobo Joe. Iron listed the pain that he has gone through and said that is nothing compared to what they tried to do. Iron said he’ll keep coming back at them until there’s dirt on him. Iron finished by saying they’ll know what real pain is like soon. Analysis: Good set up and knock down for Iron. I just wish he had ended looking angrily at the camera instead of them showing him good back to contemplative. Score: +1.

Marion Fontaine was still in the ring as Matt Cross was introduced. Fontaine slipped out and Corss caught him with a suicide dive. Cross drug Fontaine around ring side and attacked him. Fontaine was thrown into the ring post. Cross then did a parkour flag and dropped the elbow on him.

American Ninja Warrior rocks. That is a parkour flag, just in case you didn't get the hint.

Cross tossed Fontaine into the ring then a corner. He gave him a hand spring back elbow followed up by some kicks in midsection. Fontaine dropped down when Cross went for a head scissors. They broke for commercial. Fontaine got caught going to the top rope. A Frankensteiner by Cross caused both of them pain. Maguire left the announce booth who talked to Fontaine. Cross gave him some elbows fut only got a two count. A standing moonsault also only got a two. Fontaine super kicked Cross. Fontaine grabbed a chair from under the ring. The referee grabbed the chair but Cross ended up bicycle kicking Fontaine into the ref. Dombrowski said that PWO was being run by the asylum now. (Hello exaggeration.) Fontaine tossed the chair to Cross as the referee came to his senses. Cross was disqualified.

Analysis: I thought that move was creative when Eddie Guerrero did it. I would have been fine with it here if Cross hadn’t held the chair for longer than he needed to. He was having trouble seeing so you just hold onto the chair you couldn’t see coming at you when Fontaine tossed it to you? Dragging out Cross’ chance for the PWO Title is fine but doing it this way killed a good match. Score: -1.

Final Score: 3/8. Final Analysis: A bit of a weird show to me. I liked the big ideas and the ends that happened but didn’t like how they came about. Krimson needed a come back win but Bender went over board with his reactions. Winters and Fruith got characters but they need some work. The Dead Wrestling Society still needs to do some work on the helper bees to bring that faction up to speed. The main event was ruined by a staple of wrestling done wrong. Last year, I mentioned in one of my reviews that I held Gargano to a higher standard. Now that PWO has most of the toys they need to make a slick product (Dombrowski was touting them being the first BlueRay wrestling DVD) they will be held to a higher standard as a whole. Most of the wrestlers have been around for most of the product length. Even if they haven’t been, they’ve been wrestling for a while now. They have WWE & TNA poaching talent. I like the potential but it also comes with more problems being noted. -Kevin

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    zourah 2011-10-18 at 10:19 pm #

    I was thinking of Shane Douglas putting the chain on Tommy Dreamer in the early days of ECW when I saw that. I agree with the critique. Good angle but the execution could have been better.

    Iron, Fontaine and the Sons of Michigan with good promos which makes for a better hour of TV than I am seeing anywhere else.

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