Tyson Tomko is going to rehab

Tyson Tomko has accepted an offer to get himself together before facing a judge after his recent arrest according to The St Augustine Record. After posting bond Tomko has accepted WWE sponsored rehabilitation and will begin his stint for his addictions.

For those with short attention spans Tomko was arrested after allegedly robbing a CVS for Oxycodone. He then went to a Chili’s, asked for a spoon then procured their bathroom for forty minutes to shoot up.  Police were called, he was arrested and now he is off to rehab.

This is the best case scenario for him and it is kind of shocking that the mean and evil WWE would go to such lengths to pay for the rehabilitation of a wrestler who has not been on their payroll for at least a year or longer. Tomko must have turned down Dixie Carter’s TNA Wrestling sponsored rehab but then there is no such thing. It must be due to it being a fledgling family run affair or for some other reason. 

It should also be noted that Matt Hardy is currently on a WWE sponsored rehabilitation even though he had last worked for TNA. Just sayin. -Jeremy

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