WWE suspends Evan Bourne yet again, gives him 60 days to smoke synthetic pot and watch kung fu movies

Yep, that's two strikes, dummy!

According to Prowrestling.net, WWE has suspended Evan Bourne for 60 days for his second violation of the Wellness Policy. Word around the campfire is that Triple H really doesn’t like (or probably more accurately doesn’t *get*) Evan Bourne, but Stephanie McMahon sees something marketable in him and wants to keep him around. So on one hand, you feel bad for the guy who gets over despite not being a steroid-laden, brittle 260-pounder and who gets targeted by the bodybuilding mark.

On the other hand, hey dipshit, I know you like weed, but you JUST GOT SUSPENDED for this nine weeks ago! Look, we all know it’s fun to get high; kids should do it early and often so they can understand benefits like hallucination and time-travel, plus increase their appreciation for frozen pizza. But when you’re willingly and energetically letting it cost you your job, there’s only one person to blame: Yoshi Tatsu, for not pissing clean for you. -Eric

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