World Wrestling Bracketainment Sweet Sixteen: #4 vs. #20, #5 vs. #12

Welcome back to World Wrestling Bracketainment, where we put the “fun” in “pick your funking favorites” in the tournament to determine the greatest WWE Champion in WWF and WWE history! One match-up – John Cena (and how the hell did Alberto del Rio get four votes against Cena?) vs. Undertaker (the other upset vs. Brock Lesnar) – is a clash of two modern-day icons, while the other – Diesel vs. Pedro Morales – pits against each other the two men who won their previous match by the narrowest margin (because no one cares that much about Sheamus or whoever the other guy was.) Vote in each poll for the man you think was the better WWE/WWF Champion of the two, by any criteria you see fit, and check back Friday for the winners!

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