Monday Night Raw Expanding To Three Hours

Once again, from the illustrious Jason Powell:

USA Network announced that WWE Raw is expanding to three hours beginning July 23.

The parallels to WCW are abundant here, of course. From Johnny Ace in a position of power, now all the way down to the oversaturation of WWE on television. I’m not saying WWE will be going out of business (like WCW did and TNA definitely will), but I do absolutely think this is a major roadblock for them that will cost them in the long run. I think if we examine this story again in two hours, it will be clear that it was a mistake, and they will either be deciding to go back to doing a two hour show, or have already made the move back. – Dusty

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    Warhol Superstar 2012-05-18 at 10:53 am #

    I’m not terribly shocked by this….& I’m not not really bothered, either.

    I suppose it should’ve been obvious this was going to happen back whenever the final segment of the show started happening around 10:56 pm….

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