#ImpactWrestling – Total Nonsense Analysis

keep-it-simple-– Ever since I heard that Matt Hardy re-signed with TNA, I was wondered how they’d make Willow turn back into Jeff Hardy. Kurt Angle ended up introducing the subject this week. Angle wanted Willow to use Angle as a blanket of sorts. The character hasn’t really been a big hit or any different than the Jeff Hardy character other than a maniacal laugh. TNA finally has a good message to a wrestler: Keep it simple. Stupid.

– I’m not a big fan of stacking multiple championship matches on one card. The UFC even does it from time to time. TNA is putting all of the titles on the line for this show. The first one on the show was The Wolves against Bram & Magnus. It was a solid enough match but I wish they would have built up the feud. They could have had singles matches against each other which would be good so long as Bram isn’t involved. Instead, TNA decided to have The Wolves go over clean. I like them but they now have no credible threats to the Titles since The Bromans have been beaten too many times.

– I’m not a fan of having a baby face, in this case Bobby Roode, attacking an injured heel, MVP. The only time it is acceptable, is when the heel has been ducking with a fake injury. MVP hasn’t acted fine during the last several weeks even though he’s had several chances to put the boots to Roode. MVP backs away and sells the injury. Roode said he came back to be champion just last week. Maybe your ire should be pointed at Bobby Lashley. Plus, you wouldn’t look like a douche for going after someone who is injured.

Austin Aries challenging Sanada for the X Division Title was the second title match of the evening. It was a fun match that felt like it went from second gear to fourth. I was more surprised that the crowd wasn’t more behind Aries. Sanada has been pushed as nothing more than the Great Muta’s protege. The video packages haven’t really stuck with me so it hasn’t been for a lack of trying. He needs a repackaging as he is a good wrestler. Austin Aries won the X Division Title to use Option C again. They don’t have anyone worthy of Option C so they have to keep giving it to Aries.

Bully Ray is doing some good work on the mic but I don’t care for yet another feud that he’s in. Bringing back in Rhyno and Tommy Dreamer, even if it’s a short stint, isn’t the right way to make good with Dreamer who was pissed about Bully Ray being pulled from one of his shows. It’s a tired story with the ECW feuds. We know, you made history together, blah, blah, blah. We’ve had this story line since ECW folded in ’01. It’s almost as tired as the evil GM gimmick.

Gail Kim retained the Knockouts Title because she was in a multi-woman match for it. The story lines make no sense in this division. I would have gotten into them last week with the Brittney vs Madison segment. Stupidity persists.

Jeff Hardy has been slumming it with TNA for so long, that I’m having a hard time remembering when he could have been considered the most popular wrestler in the world. Because he reached those lofty heights, he still has some cache for me. I think TNA is rushing it again though. Why does Lashley vs him for the TNA Title happen next week? Jeff’s only been back for a battle royal. Unless Matt Hardy turns on his brother, which would be bigger nonsense, I don’t see a reason for this match to happen already. Have them fight at the next PPV. – Kevin

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