Jeremy’s One Paragraph Movie Reviews: Milius (2013)

George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola and John Milius are all household names now. Ok, so John Milius may not be but he should be.  This is the documentary that proves that point and it is as interesting as it is infuriating. Most of Milius’ voice comes through in a series of file footage due to circumstances that are described later. Before the reveal you are treated to a fun and furious life and career in Hollywood. Along the way it is revealed just how influential he has been in modern film-making all the while getting no credit form the general population. This is a man responsible for maturing the sword and sandals genre. He gave us all Red Dawn, yeah both of them but everyone makes mistakes. He is also the man responsible for Robert Shaw’s U.S.S. Indianapolis dialogue in Jaws. he has had is hands and creative mind on so many projects that people have supported and made others successful from. Throughout the documentary the case is made that if he would have controlled himself and played by the system Hollywood is built upon he would have been a bigger name. His life has been a fascinating journey and the documentary covers it very well. It is totally worth the 90 minutes you will spend getting to know a strong creative voice and how there are really so little if any of them left in Hollywood. -Jeremy

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