Stunt Granny Presents: We Watch Stuff Podcast #6


After a week off for site business We Watch Stuff is back. This week’s starts off as a companion piece to The Audio Experience #1. Why do people hate Jeremy Lin now? Is that fair to even say? Is it fair to blame an athlete for hype? What is more important for a team potential or a proven commodity? The guys talk about the comic movie business and the problem of the reboot. Has no one hear of James Bond? Why are studios so hung up on trilogies? Is there no forward thinking when it comes to building a franchise? How closely should the source material be taken in to consideration? When if ever, is it OK to change the race or gender of characters? Does it even mater when it comes to thee giant movies? Is the Fast and Furious franchise the greatest sci-fi or comic book movie ever? This is a serious question with some serious answers. Seriously, that franchise is incredible.

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