Monday Morning Mop Up – WWE Jobs Cuts, Fozzy, Smackdown & More

Stanley Spadowski and Moppy from UHF. From

Stanley Spadowski and Moppy from UHF. From

I’ve been wanting to do something on Monday mornings. I didn’t want it to just be news because weekends like this one have me watching Smackdown late on Sunday evening. I rarely read spoilers so it’s fresh to me. There is always some piece of news worth talking about.

– This weekend, I would consider the additional news that the WWE had to cut about seven percent of their work staff or about 60 jobs. That was after five NXT wrestlers were let go on Friday. Yikes, when even the big dog is having problems, you aren’t too surprised that TNA can’t get an easy renewal on Spike TV.  Thanks to

– Wow, Cesaro loses to Jack Swagger. What I witnessed at Wrestlemania must have been a mirage when Cesaro won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Unless Chris read the Smackdown spoilers as we were recording Tuesday night, he called the Flag Match between Swagger and Rusev. Lana was the smart cookie who came up with this plan.

– I like the pivot they are doing with Bo Dallas. Give him more of a true heel edge. R Truth is a good man to take the beating.

– Oh my lord, Michael Cole now selling AJ Lee as one of the greatest women’s champions ever is so hilarious. He talked about how Tamina used to save matches for her. What happened to those occasions? Paige tossed AJ off the stage and then pulled the friend routine. The fall didn’t look bad enough to warrant the stretcher routine. AJ landed on her feet before tumbling over.

– I didn’t end up getting a chance to see Guardians of the Galaxy. I sure hope that Jeremy and Shahid get together for We Watch Stuff #8 to give us a fresh review.

– It killed me that JBL hung Michael Cole with his “The Architect” comment. By far my favorite part of the Dean Ambrose vs Kane & Seth Rollins match. Solid story telling with Rollins hiding behind Kane for the majority of the match.

– I bought tickets to see Fozzy open for Theory of a Dead Man. The review will come to the site after their September 26th date at Newport Music Hall. I hope they at least have replaced the carpets since the last time I was in there. It’s a Friday date so it’s likely to be jammed into this very space.

– Is it really news that TNA reached out to Michael Elgin? I don’t think he’s good enough to make it in the WWE so if he’s going to get a change of views, it’s going to be TNA. I understand Elgin talking about unfinished business in ROH. The Wolves did all of the work they could have in ROH so they may as well move on. They still should have picked the WWE even if they had a fantastic match with the Hardy Boyz on Impact Wrestling this past week.

– I like the idea of Chris Jericho wrestling to keep Erick Rowan & Luke Harper from being at ring side at Summerslam when he fights Bray Wyatt. Jericho ended up beating Rowan so that he is banded. The only problem I see like this is that fire was supposed to keep them out against Kane. It didn’t. I feel like there was another occasion but can’t recall it. Whatever the case, I don’t see the Wyatts abiding by such rulings. Be wary Mr. Jericho! – Kevin

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