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From wallpoper.com Havoc anyone?

– The Knockouts had a battle royal to determine the number one contender to Gail Kim. For some reason beyond, Havok attacked all of the other Knockouts to provoke an attack against herself. Why didn’t they just attack her to start with? After she knocked you all away, wouldn’t you keep ganging up on her instead of brawling amongst themselves so that Havok could pick you off one by one. Havok is not a good wrestler. She shouldn’t be working with Gail Kim just yet.

– I don’t get the Samuel Shaw and Gunner angle. Plenty of people can’t conquer their inner demons but having it happen in a similar, pigeon holed character, is not the way to go for a wrestling character. Having Shaw turn down a date with hot, yet crazy Brittany is weird too. You can’t go back to him liking Christy Hemme. We don’t need Ken Anderson vs Shaw Part II already. Will he be gay for Gunner? That could get interesting but I have no faith in their writing staff that it could be handled properly.

Chris Melendez got challenged to a by Kenny King, who went for low ball comments to mock his combat injuries. It’s to be expected out of a heel so I’ve got no problems with it. Melendez ended up getting a roll up victory but King attacked him after the match. Mr. Anderson made the save. Did I know Anderson had been in the military?

Samoa Joe defended his X Division Title against Homicide. Samoa Joe won with a nifty reversal of a cutter into a rear naked choke. James Storm & the Great Sanada attacked after the match and focused on Homicide. Manik came out in a new costume and hit a frog splash to top it all off. The little cape and partial mask are worse than what he was wearing already. How did TNA pull that off?

The Wolves vs Team 3D vs the Hardy Boyz was in it’s third match at the mid point of the show. Last week’s stipulation was a tables match because Team 3D chose. This week, it was a ladder match chosen by Hardyz. Jeff Hardy took some pretty serious bumps as usual. He definitely realized he isn’t as young as he used to be after this match. He took three big bumps the last of which was being dropped on the ladder gut first with not much of a chance to block it. Eddie Edwards grabbed the title belts to get to chose the last stipulation. I’ve liked that they haven’t mixed objects in the tables and ladder match. It helped to give a different feel to both gimmick matches. Well wrestled matches as expected.

Gunner took on Bram. It’s their version of Sheamus vs Cesaro. Except Gunner & Bram aren’t as good. Gunner sold the leg injury sustained the week before. Samuel Shaw came down to express his concern. He ended up blasting Gunner by accident which cost him the match. The referee saw it so it makes no sense. That should have been a DQ win for Gunner since he was attacked. Bram should then have attacked Shaw.

– I didn’t look at any of the results for the show so I have no idea if Bobby Roode beats Lashley for the TNA Title. I hope not because despite getting a chuckle out of building up Lashley, they’re doing it the correct way. The only thing of consequence to happen before the first break was MVP getting tossed from ring side. Kenny King got escorted to the back by the fists of Eric Young. Roode kicked out from a spear by Lashley. Roode hit the Roode Bomb and Lashley kicked out. Roode isn’t deceiving powerful Taz. He’s almost the same size as Lashley as I pointed out last week. Lashley took a rough spill to the outside after holding onto the opes during a second Roode Bomb attempt. Roode ended up injuring his leg which allowed Lashley to spear him a second time for the win. Good match. Not awesome as the crowd was chanting. – Kevin

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