Stunt Granny Audio # 271



Ken & Shahid are back for more wrestling fun. They start by talking about people who think that Dean Ambrose is getting pushed against the WWE’s will. How is that a real opinion? Wasn’t he just filming for the WWE? Wasn’t he featured in The Shield who had a dominant start for the first year and a half of their existence? Does he have the look of a WWE Main Eventer? Will his fashion be a problem? What about Seth Rollins and his rubber suit? Is Roman Reigns any better? Did Ambrose benefit from Reigns going down at all? Kevin & Shahid move on to talking about Randy Orton. Why is he still with The Authority? Couldn’t they function with just Kane to clean up Rollins’s messes? Would he be better off being a baby face than a heel? What does he need to keep around that he’s been doing recently? Was it strange that the Big Show vs Rusev angle started on Smackdown? How was the match? How much different will a match between Show & Rusev be compared to his recent battles with Mark Henry? Kevin & Shahid wonders if Luke Harper will be good on his own. What will Bray Wyatt & Erick Rowan do in the mean time? Will everyone lose their cell phone batteries with two entrances every show? Somehow your hosts end with Michael Elgin’s situation in Ring of Honor. How did that happen? Even your hosts can’t recall so click on the link below to find out with them too!

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