A Day Late & A Dollar Short Review of #ImpactWrestling


I felt like I needed to do this review since it’s the last Impact Wrestling for the remainder of the year. It’ll give me Wednesday night free to write about beer. Yay! Currently drinking Rogue Ales American Amber which is quite tasty.

– The opening segment was all build up. Booby Roode cut a promo on Bobby Lashley and his cowardly attack on his good friend Eric Young last week. Lashley came out and they had a pull apart brawl. They acted like the match was a given and not a sure thing in the same segment. EC3 challenged Rockstar Spud to a match. TNA then hyped the next match.

Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell vs Havok – I enjoyed this match. Havok is not a good wrestler but they had more Kim vs Terrell in the match which is the right call. Terrell won on a reverse of Gail Kim pin. I can only hope that Havok is going to take this time to get better in the ring. I’m not sure giving her the belt helps people stick with TNA. I enjoy Terrell but she is no Trish Stratus.

Chris Melendez vs Kenny King – This match was a product of a feud that has been built up over these tapings. MVP interfered to cost Kenny King the match. It was a solid match with Taz & Mike Tenay singing the praises of Melendez. I am impressed with him but because of the prosthetic leg, he is less mobile and smooth than a regular wrestler.

EC3 came out with Tyrus to challenge Rockstar Spud to a match. I have been enjoying EC3’s antics since he started turned on Spud. It makes him look like a dick finally. No money mentioned. Spud ended up kicking him in the balls. EC3 took over quickly and Tyrus finished off Spud. It  is too bad he’ll still be on the shelf whenever Impact Wrestling comes back.

Tommy Dreamer vs Bram – Another match with build up to it. Bram could have a good future but he needs to get himself out of this hardcore gimmick. It’s a good way to start your career but it needs to be out grown in short order. He seems like a solid enough wrestler to not need it. Magnus interfered but all it did in the long run was bring out Al Snow so that they could both go to the back. Bram win with an Impaler DDT. Good call to go with the young guy winning but I don’t think Bram will drag the followers over to the new network.

Tigre Uno vs Low Ki vs DJ Z vs Manik for the vacated X Division Championship – Low Ki won in a match that was entirely too short for the prestige of the title that they have pushed since Samoa Joe won the title. A new champ doesn’t make me want to follow you to a new network per se. I dig Low Ki but he’s not overwhelmingly awesome.

– The final segment started with Kurt Angle calling out MVP. They ended up fighting which brought out Kenny King which brought out Ken Anderson which brought out Bobby Lashley which brought out Bobby Roode. We got a Rocky vs Apollo moment with them fighting to the end of the show. Except this is way less epic. I get the cliff hanger nature of it. They’ve built both guys up well so keep the focus on them. Just hope Lashley doesn’t lose in MMA in the mean time. – Kevin


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